When it comes to dropshipping on eBay, using non-API software is essential. In fact, using non-API software is the most effective way to build a sustainable eBay dropshipping business.

From browser extensions to remote servers and file uploads, there are several options for listing and repricing dropship products on eBay without using the API.

Here you will find a list of the 10 best non-API eBay dropshipping solutions.

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  1. SkuGrid – The best overall non-API eBay dropshipping solution
  2. Hustle Got Real – Powerful non-API eBay software for UK sellers
  3. SaleFreaks – Specialist non-API eBay dropshipping software
  4. AutoDS – Low-cost dropshipping software with non-API version
  5. DSTitan – Innovative manual eBay dropshipping and listing tool
  6. Yaballe – All-in-one eBay dropship software with non-API version
  7. Dropeex – Premium non-API eBay listing and monitoring tool
  8. KalDrop – Non-API tool for dropshipping on eBay from China
  9. SuperDS – Budget-friendly manual eBay dropshipping listing tool
  10. DropshipBeast – eBay dropshipping software with non-API lister

1. SkuGrid (7-Day Trial)

SkuGrid is one of the original eBay dropshipping solutions to introduce a non-API version in the form of a Chrome browser extension. Once installed, the Chrome extension will allow SkuGrid to automatically update and reprice your listings without using the eBay API.

With more than 800 compatible suppliers and plans starting at only $14.99/month, SkuGrid is one of the most low-cost and feature-rich non-API eBay dropshipping solutions on the market.

  • Fully-automated non-API eBay dropshipping solution
  • Over 800 compatible suppliers from the US, UK & EU
  • Find winning products and create listings in minutes
  • Simple repricing formulas to earn maximum profits
  • 7-day trial with plans starting at only $14.99/month

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2. Hustle Got Real (Free Plan)

Hustle Got Real is a powerful and reliable eBay dropshipping software which features a fully-automated non-API version through the use of an innovative Chrome browser extension.

From creating listings to automating inventory management, tracking sales and processing customer orders, Hustle Got Real provides a true all-in-one dropshipping solution which does not use the eBay API or require users to connect their eBay seller accounts.

  • Innovative and reliable non-API eBay dropshipping solution
  • More than 100 compatible suppliers, mostly in the UK/EU
  • Fully-automated (90-minute) price and stock management
  • Powerful Chrome extension for creating listings in seconds
  • Free plan for up to 10 listings and unlimited monthly orders

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3. SaleFreaks (14-Day Trial)

SaleFreaks is a specialist non-API eBay dropshipping solution which was specifically designed to simulate manual dropshipping on eBay for maximum sales and profits.

In fact, SaleFreaks is one of the most advanced non-API eBay dropshipping platforms on the market, providing a fully-automated solution for dropshipping on eBay without the need for manual input, browser extensions or having to keep your PC running.

  • The most advanced non-API eBay dropshipping solution
  • Compatible with more than 40 leading dropship suppliers
  • Fully-automated with real-time inventory management
  • Built-in product listing wizard for creating listings in bulk
  • 14-day free trial with paid plans starting from $92/month

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4. AutoDS ($1 Trial)

AutoDS is another popular eBay dropshipping software with a non-API version which features automated inventory management, automated order fulfillment and AI price optimisation, as well as an intuitive product lister and automated tracking information uploads.

Using the Chrome browser extension, AutoDS can automatically manage your entire dropshipping business, without connecting to your eBay account, thus avoiding any issues or account flagging.

  • Popular eBay dropshipping software with non-API version
  • Fully automated inventory monitoring and order fulfilment
  • Best-selling products finder tool with one-click uploading
  • Seamless compatibility with 10+ dropshipping suppliers
  • $1 (14-day) trial with pricing starting at only $7.99/month

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5. DSTitan (Free Plan)

DSTitan is a leading manual eBay dropshipping tool which features one-click product importing to eBay from more than 5 leading China-based suppliers including AliExpress, Banggood, ChinaBrands and DHgate, as well as Amazon.

With a free plan for listing 50 products on eBay, DSTitan is also a very inexpensive solution which is perfect for newbie dropshippers who are looking to start an eBay dropshipping business without relying on the eBay API.

  • Powerful manual eBay dropshipping and product listing tool
  • Compatible with more than 5 leading China-based suppliers
  • One-click importing to eBay with VeRO protection warnings
  • Automated product pricing and built-in listing editing toolkit
  • Free plan for importing up to 50 products from any supplier

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6. Yaballe (Free Plan)

With more than 4000 members and over 4 million monitored listings, Yaballe is a professional eBay dropshipping management solution with a fully-functional non-API version which includes automatic listing creation, product monitoring and price/stock updating using eBay file exchange.

With a 30-day free trial and pricing for 50 monitored items starting at only $19.99/month, Yaballe is one of the most affordable non-API dropshipping solutions to date.

  • Professional non-API eBay dropshipping management tool
  • No third party software connected to your eBay account
  • Powerful product lister with multiple variations support
  • Fully automated inventory management and repricing
  • 30-day trial with paid plans starting at $19,99/month

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7. Dropeex ($1 Trial)

Dropeex is a premium non-API eBay lister and price monitoring tool with more than 15 compatible suppliers including AliExpress, Banggood, DHgate and Yakkyofy.

Dropeex features one-click product importing, automated inventory management and a custom eBay template builder, as well as a powerful research tool for finding winning products. Dropeex is also very low-cost with unlimited listings and unlimited orders costing only $19.99/month.

  • Premium non-API eBay listing and monitoring software
  • Compatible with over 15 suppliers including AliExpress
  • Powerful research tool for finding best-selling products
  • Bulk product lister with professional eBay templates
  • Unlimited listings and orders for only $19.99/month

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8. KalDrop ($1 Trial)

With more than 2000 users and over $25 million in sold merchandise. KalDrop is one of the most popular non-API eBay dropshipping listing tools on the net.

Compatible with more than 5 reputable China-based suppliers including AliExpress, Banggood and CJ Dropshipping, KalDrop features one-click product importing, semi-automated order processing and variations support, as well as unlimited listings and orders for only $19.99/month.

  • Well-established non-API eBay listing tool for dropshipping
  • Compatible with more than 5 leading China-based suppliers
  • Import unlimited dropshipping products to eBay in one-click
  • Semi-automated order processing with easy order management
  • Unlimited listings and unlimited orders for only $19.99/month

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9. SuperDS (30-Day Trial)

SuperDS is another popular non-API listing tool for dropshipping on eBay from more than 10 genuine wholesale suppliers in the US and China including Alibaba, Banggood, CJ Dropshipping, AE Wholesale and Koehler Home Decor.

SuperDS features one-click product importing, eBay VeRO protection and professional listing templates, as well as an AI title builder, auto UPC generator and multiple variations support. SuperDS is also regularly adding new suppliers.

  • Advanced non-API eBay listing software for dropshipping
  • More than 10 compatible suppliers from the US and China
  • One-click product importing with professional templates
  • Unique title builder and automated UPC code generator
  • Unlimited 30-day trial for $0.99 then only $14.99/month

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10. DropshipBeast (14-Day Trial)

DropshipBeast is an all-in-one dropshipping platform for creating listings, automating repricing, managing sales and dealing with customers. DropshipBeast has a non-API eBay listing tool with plans to introduce a non-API repricing solution in the near future.

DropshipBeast offers a 14-day free trial with 250 listings and 150 tracking information uploads costing only $30/month. Pricing for 500 listings costs only $40/month.

  • All-in-one dropshipping platform and repricing software
  • Over 20 compatible suppliers in the UK, USA and China
  • Automated 1-hour repricing and tracking info uploads
  • Non-API listing tool with repricing solution coming soon
  • 30-day free trial with 250 listings starting at $30/month

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What is the difference between API and non-API eBay software?

The main difference between API and non-API eBay dropshipping software is that API software uses the eBay API to make automated changes to your eBay listings. In most cases, API dropshipping solutions require a direct connection to your eBay account.

Non-API software however does not require a connection to your eBay account and uses alternative methods of repricing or editing your listings such as a Chrome browser extension, file exchange or remote servers. It’s a much safer way to build an eBay dropshipping business.

Why use a non-API eBay dropshipping software?

Unfortunately, using API dropshipping software to make changes to your eBay listings is not allowed, particularly when sourcing products from another retailer. In fact, using software to facilitate dropshipping from other retailers could result in your eBay account being flagged.

Therefore, using non-API eBay dropshipping software is the safest and most effective way to build a sustainable, scalable and long-lasting eBay dropshipping business. Most modern non-API solutions use a Chrome browse extension or the eBay file exchange to safely make changes to your eBay listings, without using the eBay API or connecting to your eBay account.

Why is non-API eBay dropshipping software better?

By using non-API dropshipping software, you are essentially simulating manual dropshipping. In other words, the software is not connecting directly to your eBay account or editing listings on your behalf using the eBay API. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about eBay flagging your seller account or hiding your listings from the search results.

In fact, non-API dropshipping software has been proven to generate 10x more sales than software which uses the API, typically because the eBay account won’t get flagged.

Is dropshipping allowed on eBay?

Dropshipping is allowed on eBay. However, selling products on eBay and then sourcing them from another retailer such as Amazon or Walmart is not allowed. That’s why eBay accounts that use API software to dropship from other retailers are being flagged and demoted in the search results.

The only safe way to build a sustainable and compliant eBay dropshipping business it to use non-API software and source products from a genuine wholesale supplier.

What is the best non-API eBay dropshipping software for UK sellers?

Hustle Got Real is the best non-API dropshipping software for UK sellers as the software is compatible with more than 80 UK-based dropshipping suppliers. Hustle Got Real also has a fully-automated non-API version which includes automated repricing and order processing.

Therefore, if you’re looking to start dropshipping on eBay UK and sourcing from UK-based suppliers using a non-API tool, Hustle Got Real is the best option. However, SkuGrid is also a viable dropshipping solution for UK-based sellers as it has hundreds of leading UK suppliers.

What is the best non-API eBay dropshipping software for US sellers?

SkuGrid and SaleFreaks are the best non-API eBay dropshipping solutions for US sellers as they each have a large network of US-based suppliers. In fact, SkuGrid has more than 500 US dropshipping suppliers and is very inexpensive with plans starting at only $14.99/month.

SaleFreaks has around 25 US-based suppliers but is the more expensive option with pricing starting from $92/month with yearly discounts available. However, SaleFreaks is a specialist non-API software designed exclusively for eBay with unique features including auto ordering.

What is the best free non-API eBay dropshipping software?

Hustle Got Real and DSTitan are the best free non-API eBay dropshipping solutions as they each have free forever plans. Hustle Got Real has a free plan for listing 10 products with unlimited orders, whereas DSTitan has a free plan for up to 50 products.

However, it’s important to note that most dropshipping solutions offer a free trial. For example, SkuGrid provides an unrestricted 7-day free trial, whereas SaleFreaks provides a 14-day free trial.

Is using non-API eBay dropshipping software safe?

Using non-API eBay dropshipping software is extremely safe as the software does not connect or interact with your eBay seller account. However, it’s important to note that dropshipping from another retailer, a process known as retail arbitrage, is not allowed on eBay.

Therefore, if you’re dropshipping from a retailer such as Amazon or Walmart, it’s still possible for eBay to detect and flag your account, even if you’re using non-API software. The ultimate solution when it comes to dropshipping on eBay is to use a non-API software to dropship from genuine wholesalers, manufacturers or trade-only suppliers.

Dropshipping is still very much allowed on eBay, but you should avoid dropshipping from other retailers as it violates the eBay terms and conditions.

Should I use a non-API software for dropshipping on other platforms?

The issue of using API software for dropshipping is isolated to selling on eBay. Therefore, you can use any type of software including API software to dropship on other platforms such as Amazon, Facebook or your own website.

In fact, using API software to dropship on Shopify or WooCommerce is still the most effective way to manage price and stock changes. It’s also the most budget-friendly solution. Please review our list of the best dropshipping software for more information.

What are some more eBay dropshipping solutions?

Wholesale2b, DSM Tool and Easync are some great additional eBay dropshipping solutions. However, there are many reliable tools and platforms for dropshipping on eBay including a growing network of dropshipping marketplaces such as Avasam.

It’s important to keep in mind that the dropshipping industry is growing at a rapid rate. Therefore, new tools and innovations for dropshipping on eBay are being regularly introduced to the market. For more information, please review our guide to the best dropshipping software solutions.

What is the difference between an eBay lister and monitor?

Typically, eBay listers provide a solution for finding and listing dropshipping products on eBay, whereas monitoring software is an all-in-one platform for finding products, creating listings, managing inventory and processing orders.

For example, SkuGrid and Hustle Got Real are dropshipping monitoring solutions as they each provide full inventory automation including stock/price monitoring and updating. However, KalDrop and SuperDS are simply eBay listers which allow you to list dropship products on eBay without providing inventory monitoring or automation.

What are some alternatives to dropshipping on eBay?

Dropshipping on eBay can be highly lucrative and profitable. However, it’s not the only option. Dropshipping on alternative marketplaces such as Amazon or through modern ecommerce channels including Facebook and Google is becoming increasingly popular.

Furthermore, building your own ecommerce website using low-cost online store builders such as Shopify or WooCommerce is the most effective way to maintain full control over your business, without having to worry about negative feedback, policy violations or flagged accounts.

What is the best software for dropshipping through an online store?

The best software for dropshipping through an online store will vary depending on the ecommerce platform you’re using and your target market.

For example, Hustle Got Real is compatible with Shopify and more than 50 UK-based dropshipping suppliers, whereas SkuGrid is compatible with more than 500 USA-based suppliers and over 10 selling channels including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Etsy.

For more information, please refer to our list of the best dropshipping software or review our other articles for more curated lists of dropshipping platforms.

Final Word

Dropshipping solutions that use the eBay API to create new listings or make changes to existing listings are becoming a thing of the past.

Moving forward, non-API solutions such as browser extensions, automated file exchanges or remote servers are quickly becoming the popular and safer alternative for dropshipping on eBay.

Hopefully this list of the best non-API dropshipping solutions for eBay has helped you to find the best option for your needs and budget.

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