With more than 2.5M factories and a huge 28% share of the global manufacturing market, China isn’t known as the factory of the world without good reason. From the latest tech gadgets to fast-selling novelties, China has the unique ability to mass produce products for unbelievably low prices. Since the rise of dropshipping, China wholesalers have been quick to capitalize on the movement, swiftly introducing dropship programs or services. Here you will find a list of the 15 best China-based dropshipping suppliers with local US, UK or EU warehouses. 

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  1. Banggood – Electronics (US/UK/EU warehouses)
  2. CJ Dropshipping – General (US/UK/EU warehouses)
  3. GoTen – General (US/UK/EU warehouses)
  4. Sunsky – Mobile Accessories (US/UK/EU warehouses)
  5. Quarkscm – General (US/UK/EU warehouses)
  6. Go Dropship – Electronics (UK warehouse)
  7. Chinavasion – Tech Gadgets (US/EU Warehouses)
  8. Tomtop – General (US/UK/EU warehouses)
  9. AliExpress – General (US/UK warehouses)
  10. PandaHall – Jewellery (US/UK warehouses)
  11. ChinaBrands – General (US warehouse)
  12. Geekbuying – Electronics (US/UK/EU warehouses)
  13. 8seaons – Fashion Jewellery (US Warehouses)
  14. Cafago – General (US/UK/EU warehouses)
  15. Dhgate – General (US/UK warehouses)

1. Banggood

Founded in 2006, Banggood is one of the most reliable and trusted China based dropshipping suppliers, featuring over 200,000 products in more than 14 main categories including electronics, clothing, jewelry, toys, homeware and beauty supplies. With multiple US/UK/EU based warehouses and fast local shipping options, as well as exclusive dropship pricing, tools and resources, Banggood is quickly becoming one of the most popular solutions for dropshippers around the globe.

  • Over 200k quality products in any category or niche
  • US/UK/EU warehouses with fast local shipping
  • Huge selection of high-quality branded products
  • Exclusive dropship program with big discounts
  • Built-in dropshipping tools including eBay integration
  • Innovative dropship centre with best-sellers

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2. CJ Dropshipping

With multiple international warehouses, hundreds of thousands of products and several customisation services including print-on-demand and logo engraving, CJ Dropshipping is one of the most popular China based dropshipping suppliers on the net. From direct integration with leading ecommerce platforms including eBay and Amazon to real-time inventory syncing, one-click listing and bulk order processing, CJ Dropshipping is a true all-in-one dropshipping solution. Furthermore, CJ Dropshipping has absolutely no membership fees and offers true wholesale prices.

  • Over 100,000 products in more than 12 main categories
  • 8 international warehouses including 2 in the USA
  • Built-in dropship automation tools and resources
  • Integrates with eBay, Amazon, Shopify and more
  • Multiple print-on-demand and customisation services
  • Genuine trade-only wholesale or factory direct prices
  • Designed exclusively for dropshipping and B2B selling

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3. GoTen

GoTen is a leading dropshipping and wholesale sourcing platform with over 20,000 products, multiple global warehouses and fast 3-7 day shipping times. From consumer electronics to homeware, pet supplies, beauty accessories and kids toys, GoTen has an extensive range to choose from. Membership is free with exclusive VIP benefits when certain monthly order values are met including SKU data downloads and order syncing.

  • Over 20,000 quality products in several popular categories
  • Local US/UK/DE warehouses with fast 3-7 day shipping
  • Huge range of branded products from Alightup and more
  • Winning product recommendations for eBay, Amazon etc.
  • 24/7 customer support team with professional after service
  • IT support for syncing listings, orders and tracking info
  • Free VIP membership program with exclusive benefits
  • Simple returns, refunds and replacement policies
  • Multiple payment options including PayPal

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4. Sunsky Online

Sunsky is a leading China based wholesaler and dropshipper with a specialisation in consumer electronics, mobile phone accessories, electronic gadgets and tech accessories. With over 600,000 high-quality products, 10 overseas warehouses, OEM customisation options and an exclusive dropshipping program, Sunsky Online is quickly becoming a leading B2B partner for thousands of retailers worldwide. The specialist dropship program includes customised shipping invoices, unbranded packaging and unique barcodes. Sunsky also provides massive tiered discounts on bulk (wholesale) orders.

  • Over 600,000 products in more than 15 categories
  • More than 800 reputable and leading brand names
  • 10 overseas warehouses including in the US/UK/EU
  • Fast same day shipping with custom dropship invoices
  • Professional product descriptions and free images
  • Exclusive Shopify API system for automation
  • Sunsky points system for discounts and rewards
  • Massive (tiered) discounts on bulk orders

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5. Quarkscm

Quarkscm is a leading B2B platform designed exclusively for dropshipping from local US, UK and EU based warehouses. Featuring over 200k items, genuine wholesale prices, 24 hour dispatch times and worldwide shipping, Quarkscm is quickly becoming a leading China dropshipper. Professional product descriptions, crystal clear images and quality assurance are just some of the key features associated with dropshipping from Quarkscm.

  • Over 200,000 products in more than 20 popular categories
  • Huge range of branded items from Huawei, Xiaomi and more
  • 24 hour shipping with fast and low-cost worldwide delivery
  • Multiple international warehouses including in the US/UK/EU
  • Professional product descriptions and high-definition images
  • Free API system for integration with top ecommerce platforms
  • Import and upload dropship orders for bulk processing

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6. Go Dropship

Go Dropship is the dropshipping arm of Aulola Wholesale, a leading consumer electronics and accessories wholesaler headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Go Dropship features a fast-growing range of best-selling products shipped directly from a UK based warehouse including homeware, electronics, sports accessories, toys and beauty accessories. Additional features include low trade prices, unbranded (blind) packaging, same day dispatch times and one-click product data downloads. Over the past several months, Go Dropship has continued to expand their UK stock range at a rapid rate, quickly becoming a popular dropshipping partner for UK based resellers.

  • Reputable and reliable wholesaler with years of experience
  • Fast-growing range of UK stock with quick shipping options
  • True wholesale/trade prices with healthy profit margins
  • Unbranded packaging with no paperwork included
  • Free UK shipping with same day dispatch
  • Carefully selected range of best-sellers
  • No membership fees or monthly costs

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7. Chinavasion

Founded in 2004, Chinavasion is one of the original and most popular China based dropshipping suppliers of consumer electronics, tech gadgets and smart accessories. With thousands of name-brand products, local US/EU warehouses and a specialist dropshipping service which includes unbranded packaging and custom shipping invoices, Chinavasion ticks all the right boxes as a reliable dropship supplier. Professional product images, unique descriptions and customised data feeds, as well as a product data download centre are just some of the features exclusive to the platform.

  • Thousands of name-brand electronics and smart gadgets
  • Factory direct prices with high profit margin potential
  • Local US & EU warehouses with fast shipping
  • Professional product images and descriptions
  • Customised data feeds and download centre
  • Unbranded packaging and custom invoices
  • 3-month product quality guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support

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8. Tomtop

Established in 2004, Tomtop is a leading China based retailer, wholesaler and dropshipping supplier, as well as a proud Alibaba gold member and TrustPass certificate holder since 2006. Featuring over 100k products ranging from consumer electronics to clothing, jewellery, homeware and stationery, Tomtop has something for everyone. With no minimum order requirements and several local warehouses based in the UK, US, EU and beyond, Tomtop is quickly becoming a popular dropshipping partner for thousands of global retailers and marketplace sellers.

  • Trusted gold Alibaba supplier with 10+ years experience
  • Over 100k quality products in more than 12 categories
  • No minimum order requirements and low-cost shipping
  • Local warehouses in US/UK/EU/DE/FR and beyond
  • User-friendly website with frequent flash deals
  • Multiple payment options including PayPal
  • Flexible 14-day return policy for unwanted goods

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9. AliExpress

Launched in 2010, AliExpress is one of China’s largest online marketplaces featuring millions of low-cost products in almost any category or niche. Often considered the most reliable solution for dropshipping from China, AliExpress has tens of thousands of leading Chinese sellers, many of which offer fast shipping from local US/UK/EU warehouses. From consumer electronics to clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry, kids toys, household products and beauty accessories, as well as giftware, tools and pet supplies, AliExpress has a truly colossal range of products to choose from.

  • Millions of low-cost products and thousands of sellers
  • Fast growing range of US/UK/EU shipped products
  • Trade with multiple sellers using one platform
  • Quick filters to find locally shipped products
  • Innovative dropship center with exclusive tools
  • Professional product images and descriptions
  • Payment protection with guaranteed refunds
  • Integrates with several automation solutions

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10. PandaHall

With more than 600,000 products, PandaHall is one of China’s largest wholesalers of fashion jewelry and watches, as well as custom jewelry making supplies including beading and findings. From bracelets and bangles to earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings, as well as an extensive range of low-cost jewelry making supplies for creating your own unique and exclusive designs, PandaHall has something for everyone. With multiple US and UK based warehouses offering fast local shipping and thousands of items available to purchase in single pieces, PandaHall is the perfect dropshipping supplier for jewelry store owners.

  • Over 600,000 high-quality jewelry products and supplies
  • Multiple US and UK based warehouses with fast local shipping
  • Unique supplies for making your own custom jewelry designs
  • Growing range of hair, beauty and personal care accessories
  • Thousands of items available to purchase in single-pieces
  • Bulk wholesale discounts and low-cost small lots
  • Mixed small lots and job lots available

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11. ChinaBrands

ChinaBrands is a well-established dropshipping supplier and global sourcing platform with more than 100,000 products, multiple local warehouses and 400+ logistics channels, as well as advanced IT systems and an API interface for direct integration with independent websites. From electronics to mobile accessories, toys, jewelry, clothing, shoes, bags, beauty accessories and tools, ChinaBrands has a massive range of products to choose from. Designed specifically for dropshipping, ChinaBrands also has a range of exclusive features including bulk product ordering, bulk product data downloads and one-click exporting.

  • Fast-growing and popular dropshipping platform
  • Over 100,000 best-selling and trendy products
  • Multiple local warehouses including in the US
  • Integrate directly with your ecommerce platform
  • Bulk product ordering and data downloads
  • Top Amazon and eBay sellers selection
  • Professional descriptions and images
  • Export product data in one-click

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12. Geekbuying

Founded in 2012, Geekbuying is a leading Chinese supplier of brand-name tech gadgets, electronics and smart accessories including smartphones, laptops, tablets, TV boxes, RC toys, drones, wearable gadgets and Mini PCs, as well as mobile, audio and car accessories. With thousands of quality products, exclusive dropship discounts and multiple local warehouses in the UK, US AND EU, Geekbuying is the perfect partner for retailers of all sizes including eBay and Amazon sellers.

  • Thousands of brand-name electronics and tech gadgets
  • Quality brands including Xiaomi, Baseus, Lenovo etc.
  • Multiple local warehouses in the US, UK, EU and more
  • Exclusive dropship program with VIP discounts
  • Professional product images and descriptions
  • Trusted supplier with several years experience

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13. 8seaons

With over 800 employees and over 50,000 products, 8seasons is one of China’s largest factory direct suppliers of unique fashion jewelry and watches, as well as jewelry making supplies including beading and findings for creating your own DIY jewelry designs. With multiple local warehouses in 5 states across the USA and no minimum order requirements, 8seaons is one of the best dropship partners for jewelry store owners and marketplace sellers across the globe. Additional features including bulk tiered discounts, mixed job lot and small pack orders.

  • Trusted and reliable company with over 800 employees
  • Thousands of quality jewelry items and making supplies
  • Multiple warehouses in 5 states across the US
  • Fast and reliable shipping via USPS
  • Exclusive VIP discounts and offers
  • HQ images and descriptions

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14. Cafago

Cafago is a premier China based electronics and tech gadgets supplier with multiple local warehouses in the US, UK, Germany and Spain. Featuring thousands of quality products including cell phones, tablets, laptops, TV boxes, RC drones and cameras, as well as an exclusive dropship program with negotiable discounts, Cafago is quickly gaining notoriety as a reliable and trusted supplier for retailers across the globe. Cafago also provides large discounts on bulk wholesale orders.

  • Thousands of high quality electronics and tech products
  • Quality brands including Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo
  • Multiple warehouses in the US, UK, DE and EU
  • Exclusive dropship program with discounts
  • Bulk wholesale discounts available
  • Fast and reliable shipping times

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15. DHgate

Founded in 2004, DHgate is one of China’s largest wholesale marketplaces with millions of low-cost products and thousands of reliable third party suppliers, many of which have US, UK or EU based warehouses. From clothing and jewelry to electronics, toys, tools and pet supplies, DHgate has a massive range of products to choose from. Finding products which are available to purchase in single-pieces and including shipping from local warehouses is as simple as doing a quick search e.g. electronics uk warehouse.

  • One of the biggest wholesale marketplaces in China
  • Millions of trendy, low-cost and best-selling products
  • Source from multiple suppliers using one platform
  • Thousands of suppliers with local warehouses
  • Payment protection with guaranteed refunds
  • Quality product images and descriptions

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Final Word

When it comes to dropshipping from China, finding suppliers with local warehouses is the key to long-term success. Fast and reliable shipping times are particularly important when selling on third party marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon where strict selling standards may apply. The suppliers outlined in this guide each have their own US/UK.EU based warehouses, allowing you to harness the extremely low prices of China without having to deal with slow shipping times.

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