Terms & Conditions

As a user of SourceLow, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this policy, as well as our other policies posted on the site, including but not limited to our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, as well as any future policies published on the site. As a user of the website, you agree not to:

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1. External Links

While we make a significant effort to manually review suppliers, as well as any products or services we recommend on the SourceLow website, we strongly advise users to do their own research before making a purchase from a third party websites. We cannot be held liable for any losses, complaints or negative experiences at the hands of third party websites or services which are shared on the SourceLow website. If you’ve experienced an issue with any of the suppliers or services linked to from our site, please contact the third party provider directly for support. While we are affiliated with some of the products, services and suppliers listed or mentioned on the SourceLow website, we only provide recommendations based on research, customer feedback and or personal experience. We do not favour or give priority to products or services based on affiliate programs and we only make recommendations if we genuinely believe the product, supplier or service is relevant, useful and provides value to our users.

2. Listing Rules

  • You must provide us with accurate, up-to-date and honest information for your listing or placement on the website
  • You must inform us of any changes to your information as soon as possible including but not limited to changes to your physical address, website address or customer support phone number
  • If your website has been inactive for more than 24 hours, we reserve the right to remove your listing or any links without warning

4. Reporting Violations

If you suspect another user of violating any of the terms outline in this policy, please contact us directly. We take violations very serious and welcome reports of any suspicious or inappropriate activity.