Terms & Conditions

As a user of the SourceLow website or by signing up for a free account, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this policy, as well as all other policies posted on the site, including but not limited to our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, as well as any future policies published on the site.

1. Using SourceLow

  • As a user of our site, you agree not to:
  • Post, list or upload any inappropriate content on any section of our site including within reviews or comments
  • Breach any laws or any of our policies including but limited to copyright and trademark laws
  • Post false, inaccurate or misleading content including but not limited to within reviews or comments, particularly with the intent on damaging a listed company’s reputation
  • Reuse or distribute any of our copyrighted content including but not limited to logos, images, articles, guides, reviews and resources
  • Use the contact information of any other users, or the contact information displayed within supplier profiles for unsolicited calls, emails or letters
  • Distribute, upload or use viruses or any other technologies to harm the SourceLow website
  • Attempt to gain access to any other users account or the admin or backoffice area either manually or by using software or any other form of technologies
  • Use any form of software, scrapers, copiers or robots to extract information or content from the website, including supplier information or details
  • Harvest or collect information about other users or listed suppliers
  • Send spam or unsolicited offers, marketing materials or links to external websites to admin via our contact form
  • Include links to external 3rd party websites on any section of the SourceLow website including but not limited to within comments, reviews or profile pages, unless given express permission to do so

2. External Links

While we make a significant effort to manually review and verify suppliers, as well as any products or service which we recommend on the SourceLow website, we strongly advise users to do their own research and due diligence, before making a purchase of any products or services from a third party websites or platforms. We cannot be held liable for any losses, complaints or negative experiences at the hands of any third party websites, apps or services which are shared on the SourceLow website, either within the directory or in any guides, resources, pages or posts. If you’ve experienced any issues with any of the suppliers, products or services linked to from our site, please contact the third party provider directly for support.

While we are affiliated with some of the products, services and or suppliers listed or mentioned on the SourceLow website, we only provide recommendations based on tireless research, customer feedback and or personal experience. We do not favour or give priority to products or services based on affiliate programs and we only make recommendations if we genuinely believe the product, supplier or service is relevant, useful and provides value to our users.

3. Listing Fees

While we have a free listing option, we do offer paid upgrades. The following terms and conditions apply to any payments made to us for a paid or premium listing.

  • Payments for premium listings are subject to a 5 day refund period. Customers have 5 working days from the date of payment to request a refund by contacting us directly.
  • Recurring or ongoing payments which are cancel during the subscription period are subject to an immediate downgrade of the listing to a standard, free or equivalent listing, even if the current subscription expiry date has not passed

4. Listing Rules

The following rules apply to suppliers or product/service owners who have requested to be listed or included on our website:

  • You must provide us with accurate, up-to-date and honest information for your listing, profile or content in connection with your placement on the website
  • You must inform us of any changes to your information as soon as possible including but not limited to changes to your physical address, website address or customer support phone number

Please Note: If we discover that your website has been inactive for a period of 1 day or more, we reserve the right to remove your listing, placement and or mention on our website immediately (without warning) and without issuing a refund for any premium listings payments, upgrades or placements if your website is no longer online or active. However, if your website comes back online, you may contact us to let us know.

5. User Reviews

As a public directory, we accept reviews from anonymous users as well as logged in users, including reviews of suppliers as well as software and service reviews. The follow terms apply to all users, anonymous or account holders, who post a review on any section of our website:

  • You must use a genuine name and email address when submitting a review
  • Reviews are held in moderation for an undetermined period of time for approval by admin before being published live
  • Reviews must not contain false, inaccurate, obscene or offensive language, including but not limited to curse words
  • Reviews must not include any links to external 3rd party websites
  • Reviews must contain genuine and honest opinions or details of personal experiences, posting reviews on behalf of someone else is forbidden
  • Posting reviews for the sole purpose of damaging a company’s reputation is a serious violation which can result in a permanent block or ban from using the SourceLow website.

We reserve the right to immediately remove any reviews (without notice) which are in breach of these terms and conditions or are deemed to be offensive, false or inappropriate. Serious violations could result in a permanent suspension, ban or blocking.

6. Reporting Violations

If you suspect another user of violating any of the terms outline in this policy, please contact us directly. We take violations very serious and welcome reports of any suspicious or inappropriate activity.