With millions of products and thousands of suppliers to choose from, finding profitable dropshipping items to sell online can be a challenge. 

Thankfully, there is an easier way to quickly locate best-selling dropship products, without investing a huge amount of time and effort on manual research.

The solution is to use a dropshipping product research tool. Here you will find a list of the 18 best dropshipping research tools for finding winning dropshipping products.

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  1. Ecomhunt – Handpicked database of winning products
  2. FindNiche – Powerful winning dropship products finder
  3. Thieve– Free database of trending dropship products
  4. Dropship Spy – Premium database of winning products
  5. AliInisder– Advanced research tool for AliExpress
  6. AliShark – Curated database of 2M+ products
  7. SaleSource – All-in-one dropship research software
  8. Dropshipping Center – Free AliExpress research tool
  9. Aliextractor – Chrome extension research solution
  10. DropshipMe – Powerful WordPress dropship database
  11. Niche Scraper – Product finder and research tool
  12. HotProducts – Curated database of hot products
  13. Secretfy – Professional winning product database
  14. ShopInspect – Product spy and research tool
  15. Pexda – Most popular dropship research tool
  16. ZIK Analytics – Professional eBay research software
  17. Intelligynce – Database of profitable Shopify products
  18. Sell The Trend – AI powered product research tool

1. Ecomhunt (Free Version)

Ecomhunt is a powerful curated database of winning dropshipping products handpicked by ecommerce and market research experts.

The free version includes access to the curated list of best-selling products, as well as detailed performance analytics including total sales, suggested selling prices and estimated profit margins.

The premium version further unlocks more advanced data including engagement statistics, suggested ad copy and links to competitors.

One of the unique features with Ecomhunt is that it’s updated with new products on a daily basis, thus providing new users with ample opportunity.

  • Handpicked database of winning dropshipping products updated daily
  • Detailed performance statistics including total sales volumes and reviews
  • Recommended selling prices with estimated costs and profit margins
  • Advanced social engagement analytics including likes and comments
  • Links to suppliers and existing marketplace listings on eBay/Amazon
  • Proven Facebook ad copy with targeting suggestions and ideas
  • Free plan with (optional) premium upgrade for advanced features

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2. FindNiche (Free Access)

With more than 150,000 members, FindNiche is one of the most popular and reliable dropshipping product research tools on the market.

Featuring a database of more than 20 million best-selling AliExpress dropshipping products and a daily curated list of 20 handpicked winning products, as well as a huge network of successful Shopify products, FindNiche is packed full of powerful features and benefits.

In fact, FindNiche has everything you need to quick find and populate your store with highly profitable and in-demand dropshipping products.

  • Database of more than 20 million best-selling AliExpress products
  • Daily curated list of 20 handpicked winning dropshipping products
  • Network of more than 10 million highly profitable Shopify products
  • Filter products by total sales, average rating and shipping location
  • Full performance analytics including total sales, reviews and ratings
  • Links to top AliExpress suppliers and successful social ad campaigns
  • Free access with paid plans to unlock additional features and data

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3. Thieve (Free)

Thieve is a powerful and free to use database of more than 1000 popular AliExpress products handpicked by a network of global creatives including influencers, bloggers and photographers.

From electronics and clothing to kids toys, stationery and pet supplies, Thieve allows you to quickly locate the most popular AliExpress products in every top category.

With no membership fees and full unrestricted access, Thieve is the perfect research tool for newbie dropshippers who are looking to find unique product ideas and niche opportunities.

  • Powerful and free to use with no membership fees or restrictions
  • Huge database of profitable products hand-selected by experts
  • Filter products by trending, lowest price and fast US shipping
  • Quickly find the best products in any major category or niche
  • Great free tool for sparking unique and original product ideas
  • Interactive ‘tinder style’ swipe tool to find fresh new products
  • Simple and professional website with easy to use interface

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4. Dropship Spy ($20/month)

Dropship Spy is a low-cost curated database of winning dropshipping products with an extensive range of cutting-edge features including professional product descriptions, links to leading dropship suppliers, performance statistics and direct integration with Shopify.

More than just a database of winning products, Dropship Spy also includes a suite of additional business building tools including a revolutionary store spy software for scanning successful dropshipping stores and a database of social media influencers for marketing campaigns.

  • Unique database of best-selling dropshipping products in every niche
  • Direct integration with Shopify for one-click product importing
  • Advanced product analytics including sales and estimated profits
  • Innovative social media influencer database and store spy tool
  • Links to reliable and trusted AliExpress dropshipping suppliers
  • Ready-made product video ads with tested Facebook ad copy
  • Instantly import existing AliExpress customer reviews and ratings

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5. Ali Insider (Free Plan)

Founded in 2019, Ali Insider is one of the original and most advanced product research tools for finding winning dropshipping products on AliExpress.

The free version includes full access to the innovative Chrome extension which provides instant data analytics on any AliExpress product including sales volume, estimated revenue and selling price history, as well as a list of current competitors and potential suppliers.

The paid version further includes access to more advanced features such as a curated list of more than 30,000 best-selling items, a niche analyser and upcoming trends spotter tool.

  • Innovative and easy to use Chrome browser extension for AliExpress
  • Detailed product analytics including average daily sales and revenue
  • Powerful research assistant software to quickly find profitable items
  • Reliable sales tracker to review sales history, price and growth rates
  • Comprehensive database of over 30k best-selling AliExpress products
  • List of trusted dropshipping suppliers with estimated shipping costs
  • Free to use with optional premium version for more advanced features

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6. AliShark ($20/month)

AliShark is a powerful product research tool designed specifically for finding winning AliExpress products and profitable dropshipping niches.

Featuring a curated database of more than 2 million handpicked dropshipping products with almost real-time analytics including daily sales, overall sales and wishlist activity, AliShark is a true all-in-one research solution.

One of the biggest benefits to using AliShark is the modern user interface and unique browsing experience which allows anyone to quickly find winning dropshipping products and niche ideas.

  • Over 2 million reviewed and handpicked AliExpress dropshipping products
  • Detailed performance statistics including total daily sales and orders
  • Updated every hour for reliable and almost real-time product data
  • Handy filters to narrow down the results by orders, price and votes
  • Search the database by keywords or browse through top categories
  • Integrate with Shopify and push products to your store in one-click
  • Low-cost membership with 2-day (full access) trial for only $1

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7. SaleSource ($49/month)

Powered by advanced machine learning technology, SaleSource is an all-in-one dropshipping research software and winning products finder tool with an extensive range of powerful features.

From a curated database of more than 150,000 best-selling dropshipping products to an innovative Shopify store analyser, SaleSource has everything you need to quickly find profitable dropshipping products in any niche or category.

Additional features of SaleSource include a modern and lightweight Chrome extension which allows users to instantly analyse AliExpress products in seconds.

  • All-in-one dropshipping research tool and winning products finder software
  • Powered by machine learning technology for reliable data and results
  • Huge database of more than 150,000 best-selling dropshipping items
  • List of the most reliable AliExpress suppliers with lowest cost prices
  • Powerful Chrome extension for instant analysis of AliExpress products
  • Full data insights including total sales, revenue and estimated profits
  • 7-day free trial with unlimited access to all features and tools

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8. Dropshipping Center (Free)

Dropshipping Center is a free research tool created by AliExpress to help dropshippers find popular and trending products on the AliExpress marketplace.

It’s free to use and features a comprehensive database of best-selling AliExpress items, as well as detailed product analytics including daily sales and order history over the last 14 days.

One of the biggest advantages to using the AliExpress Dropshipping Center is knowing that the product data is accurate and reliable as it’s based on real sales and buyer activity generated on the AliExpress platform. The data is coming direct from the source.

  • Free to use with no premium upgrades, restrictions or limitations
  • Quickly find the most popular AliExpress dropshipping products
  • Real-time product analytics including total orders and daily sales
  • Advanced sales history and analytics for the previous 14-days
  • Database of the most trusted AliExpress dropshipping suppliers
  • Trusted and reliable data generated from real AliExpress sales

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9. Aliextractor ($29/month)

Aliextractor is an effective AliExpress product research solution which features an innovative Chrome extension for instantly viewing performance data on any AliExpress product.

From total sales to monthly orders and revenue, as well as total reviews, average rating and ePacket availability, Aliextractor provides you with all the must-know data.

One of the most unique features with Aliextractor is the ability to increase your profit margins by earning cashback on almost every AliExpress purchase, thanks to an exclusive partnership between the Aliextractor platform and AliExpress.

  • Powerful and fast Chrome extension tool for analysing AliExpress products
  • Includes total sales volume, estimated monthly orders and total revenue
  • Filter results by product ratings, positive reviews and epacket availability
  • Includes automatic hot products finder tool and niche idea suggestions
  • Download and import existing AliExpress product reviews and feedback
  • Quickly export full product data and search results into CSV or XLS files
  • Earn exclusive cashback on almost every AliExpress purchase

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10. DropshipMe (Free Imports)

DropshipMe is an innovative WordPress plugin which features a curated database of more than 50,000 best-selling AliExpress products handpicked by leading industry experts.

Simply install the plugin, choose from the massive selection of winning products and import them directly to your WooCommerce store in one-click. Additional features of DropshipMe include professional product titles and description, as well as daily new products.

The free version provides full access to the database of products and allows you to import up to 50 items, while premium membership starts at just $29/month.

  • Database of more than 50k winning AliExpress dropshipping products
  • Professionally edited product titles and descriptions with clear images
  • Import or push products to your WooCommerce in just a few clicks
  • Automatic pricing mark-up for maximum sales and profit margins
  • Upload existing AliExpress product reviews to increase conversions
  • Filter products by category, best price, positive ratings and more
  • Free version with unlimited access and importing up to 50 products

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Dropship Collector (Discontinued)

Dropship Collector is a low-cost and reliable AliExpress product research tool which features a Chrome browser extension for instantly analysing AliExpress search results to find profitable products with growing sales.

Additional features of Dropship Collector include the ability to filter results by minimum sales, shipping location and ePacket availability, as well as the option to instantly upload products to your Shopify or eBay store in just one-click.

Dropship Collector also features a web app with a user-friendly dashboard for managing products, saving products and spying on competitors.

  • Instantly scan AliExpress search results to find profitable dropship products
  • Review advanced performance data including recent sales and total sales
  • Filter results by total sales, shipping location and ePacket availability
  • Automatically find hot selling products using innovative personal robot
  • Integrate directly with eBay or Shopify and push new products in seconds
  • User-friendly and simplistic member dashboard for managing products
  • Low-cost (2-day) trial offer with full (unrestricted) access for only $1

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11. Niche Scraper ($49.95/month)

Created by ex-Facebook and Instagram employees, Niche Scraper is an advanced dropshipping and AliExpress product research solution featuring a suite of cutting-edge tools.

From a powerful niche scraper to an innovative competition analyser and video advertisement generator, as well as a curated database of handpicked winning dropship products, Niche Scraper is one of the most unique AliExpress product research tools on the market.

Additional features include advanced product sales analytics, recommended selling prices and high-converting Facebook ad copy.

  • Powerful AliExpress and Shopify product scraper tool created by experts
  • Handpicked database of over 1.5 million winning dropshipping products
  • Advanced performance statistics including total sales and profit margins
  • Filter results by sales volume, shipping location and engagement score
  • Includes suggested selling price, estimated profit margins and ad copy
  • Push products including images and descriptions to Shopify in one-click
  • Create high-converting Facebook video advertisements in seconds

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12. HotProducts ($97/lifetime)

With a database of more than 5000 winning items, HotProducts is a leading dropshipping research tool and product finder software that helps ecommerce business owners to find profitable items in any category or niche to sell online for maximum sales.

HotProducts simplifies the product research process by providing access to a huge selection of handpicked dropshipping products with reliable performance analytics including sales volume, social engagement and competition statistics.

Additional features include tested Facebook ad copy and campaign targeting suggestions, as well as an innovative product video generator.

  • Huge database of more than 5000 hot selling dropship products
  • Reliable product analytics including orders, sales and revenue
  • Updated daily with the best (new and trending) hot products to sell
  • Push products including descriptions to Shopify in just one-click
  • Generate high-converting Facebook video ads in minutes
  • Access more than 1000 leading dropshipping suppliers
  • Low-cost ($97) lifetime membership option with guarantee

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13. Secretfy ($47/month)

Secretfy is a premium winning products database featuring thousands of high profit dropshipping products chosen by some of the world’s most successful dropshippers.

For a fixed monthly fee, users gain full and instant access to the database of handpicked products, as well as advanced performance statistics including total sales volume, estimated profit margins and winning Facebook ad campaigns.

Only available to paying customers, Secretfy prides itself on being one of the original and most unique databases of winning dropship products.

  • Thousands of handpicked winning dropship products in every category
  • Tried and tested by the world’s most successful ecommerce sellers
  • Advanced performance statistics including total sales and revenues
  • Quick filters to locate the most relevant products by keyword or category
  • Ready to use Facebook and video ad campaigns with proven ad copy
  • Copy and paste product descriptions and images for quick listing
  • Free getting started guides and advanced dropship training courses

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14. ShopInspect ($16/month)

ShopInspect is a modern and professional dropshipping product research software with an extensive range of unique features including a curated database of trending products with advanced performance analytics and monthly sales growth statistics.

The flagship product of ShopInspect however is a revolutionary Shopify search tool and real-time list of trending and (most) popular Shopify stores for inspiration.

Additional features of ShopInspect include a video ad generator and powerful social ads inspector for finding and copying successful Facebook ad campaigns.

  • Curated database of trending products with growing monthly sales
  • Advanced product analytics including total orders and growth rate
  • Detailed selling information including cost price and estimated profit
  • Suggested Facebook ad targeting interests and relevant keywords
  • Quick filters to narrow down the results by price and demographics
  • List of the most popular and trending Shopify ecommerce stores
  • Custom video ad generator to increase sales and conversion rates

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15. Pexda ($14.95/month)

Pexda is one of the most popular and well-established winning product research tools on the market with thousands of global users and an impressive package of unique features.

From a daily updated database of winning products to proven Facebook ad copy and a list of targeting suggestions, Pexda provides users with everything they need to not only find hot selling products but market and advertise them successfully.

Additional features include links to existing listings, professional product descriptions and crystal clear images, as well as social media statistics.

  • Daily updated database of winning dropshipping products in any niche
  • Reliable product analytics including total sales, likes and engagement
  • Recommended selling price, product cost and estimated profit margin
  • Proven ad copy for Facebook with suggestion target audience
  • Links to existing eBay, Amazon and Shopify product listings
  • Professional product descriptions and crystal clear images
  • Pricing starting at only $14.95 with $1.95 (14-day) trial

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16. ZIK Analytics ($42/month)

Launched in 2016, ZIK Analytics is a professional product research tool designed specifically for finding hot selling items on eBay and AliExpress.

Perfect for eBay dropshippers and bulk importers, ZIK Analytics allows you to quickly analyse multiple eBay listings to discover hot selling products and trending niche opportunities based on sell-through rates, total orders and total revenue, as well as overall listing success rates.

Additional features of ZIK Analytics include a unique eBay title builder and growing database of leading wholesale suppliers, along with a sales funnel creator.

  • Find popular and trending dropship products on eBay and AliExpress
  • Filter by seller location, price, feedback score and sale date range
  • Details of sell-through rate, successful listings and total revenue
  • Weekly updated list of best selling and most popular eBay listings
  • Growing database of trusted wholesale and dropship suppliers
  • Powerful eBay listing title builder and free online training course
  • From $42/month with discounted yearly membership option

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17. Intelligynce ($99/lifetime)

Widely considered one of the best Shopify product research tools on the market, Intelligynce has an extensive collection of modern features including a database of more than 2.5 million profitable Shopify products and a curated list of over 500k successful Shopify stores.

Simply browse the massive network of products using advanced filters or search terms and analyse essential performance data including daily sales, visitors and social media engagement.

With an intuitive user interface and simple dashboard area, finding top-selling dropshipping products using Intelligynce is quick and easy.

  • Database of more than 2.5 million profitable Shopify products
  • Curated list of over 500k successful and popular Shopify stores
  • Find trending items to sell on your own web store or marketplace
  • Filter results by keywords, price, traffic and social engagement
  • Advanced product analytics including total sales and revenue
  • Details of total Facebook fans, Twitter followers and social likes
  • Store inspector tool to review best selling and new products

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18. Sell The Trend ($39.97/month)

Sell The Trend is a popular AI powered dropshipping research and product discovery software featuring more than 8 innovative tools including a research machine, dropship product explorer and store explorer, as well as a social engagement calculator and video ads creator.

Sell The Trend is considered one of the most effective and feature-rich research tools for dropshipping, allowing users to quickly find profitable products and spy on competitors, as well as discover winning niches and opportunities.

Direct integration with Shopify means you can quickly push any of the products to your online store and process customer orders in just one-click.

  • Powerful dropshipping research software with 9 innovative tools
  • Daily updated database of profitable AliExpress dropship products
  • Powerful dropship explorer tool for spying on successful stores
  • List of more than 1000 trending Amazon and AliExpress products 
  • Push new products to your Shopify store in just a few clicks
  • Video ad creator for making high converting ads in seconds
  • Free training course on how to make money with dropshipping

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More Research Tools

The tools mentioned in this guide typically provide an all-in-one solution for finding, researching and choosing profitable dropshipping products to sell. However, if you prefer to do your own manual research, there are several free to use tools which you can use to help discover some unique dropshipping niche ideas or find winning products.

  • Keyword PlannerFree to use keyword research tool created by Google. Simply input a keyword and the tool will automatically generate a comprehensive list of suggestions with performance statistics including monthly search volumes.
  • WordTrackerAdvanced alternative to Keyword Tool which allows you to quickly discover trending and popular keywords. One of the unique features with WordTracker is the ability to filter results by country and search volume.
  • TerapeakFree to use eBay research tool and insights tracker which is available to all eBay shop subscribers. Designed specifically to help eBay sellers increase their sales and visibility with valuable analytics.

Why use a dropshipping research tool?

Using a dropshipping research tool is the most effective way to quickly find profitable products to sell and trending niche opportunities.

In fact, using a dropshipping research tool has been proven to drastically increase sales, profits and overall success rates within the industry, as it allows dropshippers to quickly locate winning and proven dropshipping products, without having to spend countless hours researching multiple products, suppliers and competitors.

How do dropshipping research tools work?

In most cases, dropshipping research tools allow you to quickly analyse products on popular dropshipping platforms such as AliExpress or Shopify by scraping data from around the web to provide detailed performance analytics and insights into sales volume, social media engagement and competition, as well as providing information on estimated selling prices, profit margins and advertising costs.

In some cases, dropshipping tools include a curated database of products which are handpicked from various platforms based on popularity, current trends and sales history.

Do I need a dropshipping research tool?

While using a dropshipping research tool can save you a significant amount of time and effort, finding winning products with some old school manual research is still very much possible.

Marketplaces including eBay and Amazon, as well as keyword suggestion tools such as Keyword Planner and WordTracker are great free resources for researching products as they will help you to determine how well a particular product is selling.

Final Word

Using a product research tool is one of the most effective ways to find winning products to dropship through your online store, as well as marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

Whether it’s a niche scraper or handpicked database of winning products, the tools listed in this guide will help you to quickly locate the most profitable dropshipping items on the internet.

Most of the tools offer a free trial or version. However, investing in the paid option will allow you to unlock more advanced features and must-have product data.

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