Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy outlines the data and information we may collect from you when using our website, products or services, as well as details of how we collect this information and what it is used for. Mostly all websites collect information from users to enable certain functionalities, such as an email address for creating an account. It’s our legal obligation to make it clear what information we collect from users when using the SourceLow website and how it is used. When using our website or creating an account, you agree to the terms set out in this privacy policy.

1. Information we collect

  • Username, password and email address for creating a SourceLow account
  • Profile information provided by you on your profile page (e.g. first name, last name and profile image)
  • User generated content and information submitted when creating content (e.g. comments, reviews, posts)
  • IP address when visiting or using the SourceLow website for the purposes of tracking usage and enhancing security of the site

2. How we collect information

We collect information directly from you, primarily when you create a free account which requires a username, email address and password. However, we also collect information from user generated content such as comments or reviews. We track hits (traffic) to our website including IP addresses for security and statistic tracking purposes, primary through the use of Google Analytics.

3. How we use information

  • We use your personal information to:
  • Inform you of new services, updates or website changes
  • Respond to your requests, enquiries and or questions
  • Allow for the creation of new accounts and user generated content e.g. comments and reviews
  • Notify you of changes to our terms and conditions, privacy policy or any other relevant policies
  • Provide you with information about new products or services, as well as recommend 3rd party products or services
  • Enhance website security and track website hits (traffic) for marketing purposes and performance insights

We understand the importance of keeping our users information safe, and we fully understand our obligation to do so. We therefore try to collect minimal information from users and invest heavily on website security. We also guarantee to never share, lease or sell your data or information to any 3rd party.

4. Communication policy

When you contact us with an enquiry or question, we will use your personal information (name and email address) to response, usually directly through email. Beyond our initial response to your enquiry, we will never use your information to send unsolicited offers or marketing materials.

When you create an account on SourceLow, we will use the information you provided (e.g. name and email) to send service updates or notifications of new products and or services. We will never share, sell, rent or lease your information to any 3rd party.

5. Changes to privacy policy

From time to time, this privacy policy may be changed. When changes are made, the ‘last updated’ date will reflect the date the chances were made and the new policy will be live and accessible to read on this page.

6. Questions about privacy policy

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to our privacy policy, please contact us directly.