About Us

SourceLow is a free to use online wholesale directory designed to connect retailers, store owners, eBay sellers and Amazon traders with legitimate manufacturers, wholesalers and dropshipping suppliers. After initially launching a wholesale forum, we quickly discovered a gap in the market for a free to use B2B directory with a large selection of global suppliers to choose from. Most existing directories were limited to certain locations or company types, and often charged membership fees for something we believe should be accessible (to everyone) for free. We knew we could build something bigger, better and more user-friendly, while also providing value to users in the form of free guides and tutorials.

That’s when SourceLow was born. Our goal is to become the go-to place for B2B buyers who are looking to find trusted suppliers to source products from, as well as learn how to build a successful online ecommerce business. By having no membership fees for both buyers and suppliers, we are able to offer something no other directory can – access to a massive, rapidly growing network of genuine suppliers with true direct trading for 100% free. We are the first completely free, global supplier directory of manufacturers, wholesalers and dropshipping suppliers.