Using an online logo maker is the quickest way to acquire a professional logo for your business. From modern AI generators to drag-and-drop editors, most online logo makers allow you to instantly create a unique logo from scratch. Having a professional logo is particularly important when building an ecommerce store as it builds trust with your potential customers. Here you will find a list of the 12 best online logo makers based on pricing, usability and features.

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  1. BrandCrowd – From $45 for standard logo pack
  2. DesignEvo – From $24.99 (free version with credit)
  3. TailorBrands – From $9.99/month (yearly discounts)
  4. My Brand New Logo – From $25 for basic package
  5. Smashing Logo – From $50 for starter logo package
  6. Looka – From $20 for basic PNG logo
  7. FreeLogoDesign – From $59 (free version)
  8. – From $5/month (starter plan)
  9. LogoMakr – From $19 (free version)
  10. Canva – From $11.99/month (free version)
  11. Designhill – From $20 one-time (basic version)
  12. FreeLogoServices – From $39.95 (basic package)

1. BrandCrowd

Founded in 2008, BrandCrowd is a leading web-based logo maker and design platform featuring thousands of professional templates, a user-friendly creation wizard and full customisation options including a virtually unlimited combination of colours, fonts and icons. Whether it’s for a blog or online store, BrandCrowd is the ultimate solution for creating a unique and original logo for your business, without having to learn complex graphic design skills.

  • Thousands of professional templates and premium logos from top designers
  • Simplistic design wizard to create a unique and original logo in minutes
  • Low-cost packages with high-resolution images and full ownership
  • Virtually unlimited combination of colours, fonts, icons and styles
  • Huge selection of ready-made logo designs and template ideas

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2. DesignEvo

With over 10,000 templates and millions of unique icons, DesignEvo is one of the most flexible logo makers on the net featuring a simple drag-and-drop wizard for creating a professional logo for your website, blog or ecommerce store in minutes. Simply select a template and customise it with an almost infinite combination of fonts, colours, sizes and icons. Includes a completely free PNG version with optional premium packages for high-resolution files and full ownership.

  • Simple drag-and-drop design wizard to create a stunning logo in minutes
  • Highly customisable with over 10k templates and millions of icons
  • Free forever plan with low-resolution PNG image for credit exchange
  • Low-cost premium plans with high-res images and full ownership
  • Perfect for online stores, websites, blogs or software applications

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3. TailorBrands

With over 10M users and more than 400M logos created to date, Tailor Brands is the market leader in low-cost and professional logos. Featuring an automated AI creation wizard which instantly generates hundreds of unique designs in minutes, as well as a user-friendly editor and thousands of icons, colours, layout and fonts, TailorBrands allows users to create the perfect logo for any type of business including online blogs and ecommerce stores.

  • User-friendly AI creation wizard to make a stunning logo in minutes
  • 100% unique designs to match your business and brand perfectly
  • Fully customisable with unique fonts, icons, shapes and colours
  • Completely free low-resolution version for instant download
  • Low-cost premium packages with vector files and full ownership

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4. My Brand New Logo

My Brand New Logo is a fully automated AI logo creation tool which uses advanced algorithms to create unique and professional logo designs in a few clicks. Simply choose from a collection of AI generated ideas and then customise the logo with an endless choice of fonts, colours and styles, as well as icons, shapes and symbols. The low-cost professional package includes high-resolution and scalable logo files, as well as multiple colour and size variations.

  • AI-powered design wizard for creating a stunning logo in seconds
  • 100% unique designs with carefully balanced design principles
  • Fully customisable with thousands of colours, shapes and icons
  • Professional package with high-resolution files and social package
  • Print-ready and scalable with full copyrights and multiple variations

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5. Smashing Logo

SmashingLogo is an innovative online logo maker which uses advanced AI technology to automatically generate hundreds of unique and original logo ideas in seconds. With an almost unlimited selection of fonts, colours, layouts and styles, as well as an intitive editing interface, creating a stunning logo is simple and easy. Low-cost packages start at only $50 (one-time) and include full ownership, high-resolution files and dedicated email support.

  • One-click, AI powered wizard to create a professional logo in seconds
  • Huge library of fonts, patterns, colours and near infinite combinations
  • High-quality, web-ready files for website, blog and email signatures
  • Premium packages with print-ready files, social kits and animations
  • Unlimited revisions, full ownership and 30-day replacement guarantee

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6. Looka

Having helped over 5M people across 182 countries to create a logo for their business, Looka is quickly becoming a leading alternative to premium graphic design services. With an innovative AI creation wizard, creating a unique and original logo takes only a few clicks of the mouse. Pricing starts at just $20 for a basic PNG logo, while premium packages include multiple high-resolution images, colour variations (including transparent) and full ownership.

  • Innovative A.I powered design wizard for creating a unique logo in seconds
  • Edit colours, style, layout and fonts to create a custom and personalised design
  • Crystal clear, high-resolution PNG files for any online use including websites
  • Full package of 28+ logo versions including high-res PNG, JPG and Vector
  • Includes perfectly-sized social media templates for Facebook, Twitter and more

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7. FreeLogoDesign

Trusted by over 2M users, FreeLogoDesign is one of the most popular (free) logo creation tools for small businesses and individuals. Featuring an instant logo generator and user-friendly editor, as well as hundreds of templates, icons and fonts, FreeLogoDesign allows users to quickly create an original design in minutes. The free version includes a basic PNG logo while the premium package includes additional sizes, formats and high-resolution files.

  • Create a profession logo for your website, business or print in seconds
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop editor with no technical skills required
  • Fully customisable with thousands of free templates, icons and styles
  • 100% free to use with optional, low-cost high-resolution version
  • Trusted and recommended by over 2M business owners and brands

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Trusted by more than 10 million users, is a cutting-edge logo design tool featuring a proprietary algorithmic design engine and machine learning element matcher. Simply input your company name and the software will instantly generate hundreds of creative logo ideas and suggestions in seconds. Choose your preferred design and customise the logo to make it unique using an almost endless choice of layouts, fonts, colours, sizes and icons.

  • Generate hundreds of unique and professional logo designs in seconds
  • Proprietary machine learning algorithm with element matching technology
  • User-friendly editor with virtually unlimited colours, styles, fonts and icons
  • Low-cost plans from $5/month with full ownership and unlimited edits
  • Includes high resolution images, social media kit and business cards

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9. LogoMakr

With over 1M stock icons and hundreds of professional fonts, LogoMakr is one of the most flexible and customisable logo creation tools on the net. Featuring an old school drag-and-drop editor for creating a unique design from scratch, LogoMakr is perfect for those looking to avoid AI generators and retain more creative control. It’s free to download a standard PNG logo version while premium includes high-resolution and print-ready files for less than $20 one-time.

  • Easy to use, highly flexible and user-friendly drag-and-drop interface
  • Fully customisable with thousands of unique icons, colours and fonts
  • Free PNG version with (optional) paid high-resolution VECTOR version
  • Transparent background for use on web, print or other applications
  • Professional custom-made design service with unlimited revisions

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10. Canva

Founded in 2012, Canva is an all-in-one graphic design platform for creating professional logos, social media graphics, flyers and other visual content. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, users can quickly create a stunning logo for free, customised by a choice of millions of icons and thousands of design templates, as well as endless colours, fonts, layouts and styles. Once created, logos can be used for websites, social media, business cards and more.

  • Simple and easy to use drag-and-drop interface for non-designers
  • Thousands of themes and icons to create a unique design in minutes
  • Use for website or printing on letterheads, business cards and flyers
  • High-quality, crystal clear PNG logo file with transparent background
  • Free plan for individuals and small businesses with 5GB cloud storage

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11. Designhill

Designhill is the world’s largest creative marketplace, offering an innovative AI-powered logo creation tool used by over 1M clients with a 98% satisfaction rate. In just a few clicks, users can create an entirely unique and original logo with the choice of over 100 professional templates and thousands of font, colour, size and style variations. With pricing starting at just $20 (one-time), Designhill is a cost-effective solution to creating the perfec logo on a tight budget.

  • Create a stunning, unique and professional logo in minutes
  • Hundreds of original templates, icons, colours and designs
  • Smart AI-powered technology, no design skills needed
  • High-resolution PNGs and VECTOR files for print or web
  • Over 1.8M logos created for over 1M satisfied customers

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12. FreeLogoServices

FreeLogoServices is one of the original and most powerful online logo makers for creating a professional company logo for your business.  With thousands of original templates and a fully-customisable editor, as well as multiple style choices including icon based, initial based or badge type logos, FreeLogoServices is packed full of cutting-edge features. Creating a unique and original logo for your website or business using FreeLogoServices is quick and easy,

  • Choose from thousands of professional themes, icons, styles and fonts
  • High-quality logo files with transparent background for web and print
  • Simple and easy to use editor with no design experience required
  • Includes social media friendly sizes for Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • Save and edit as many designs as you like to create the perfect logo

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Why is a logo important?

According to a recent brand awareness survey, around 30% of consumers agree that a logo is the first thing they notice about a company. A further 60% admit to avoiding companies with unattractive logos. Therefore, having a professional and eye-grabbing logo is essential if you want to create a good first impression and build customer trust, as well as separate yourself from competition. Your logo is essentially the foundation and face of your brand.

Why use an online logo maker?

Online logo makers allow you to quickly create a professional and eye-catching logo for your business or website, without having to learn complex graphic design skills. Furthermore, most online logo makers are free to use or extremely low-cost when compared to hiring a professional designer. Therefore, you can quickly create the perfect logo for your business, website or ecommerce store without breaking the bank or spending countless hours coming up with design ideas.

How do online logo makers work?

Most online logo makers use advanced AI technology to automatically generate unique logo designs for your business in seconds. However, old-school logo makers typically offer a more hands-on approach in the form of a drag-and-drop editor for those who want to retain creative control. Once designed, the online logo maker will typically provide you with multiple file types and logo sizes for various applications such as websites, social media and printing.

How much do logo makers cost?

In most cases, online logo makers are either free to use or charge a small one-time or monthly fee for use of the logo. The majority offer premium packages which include multiple file types, logo sizes and background variations, as well as social media and print kits. When compared to professional logo designers that usually charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars, online logo makers are extremely low-cost and the best alternative for those who have a tight budget.

What is the best free logo maker?

DesignEvo, LogoMakr and Canva are the best free logo makers for creating a professional logo for your website, ecommerce store or blog. However, many premium online logo makers such as FreeLogoDesign provide free packages or versions which typically include a free PNG logo for use on a website or social media.

Final Word

A professional and well-designed logo is essential if you want to grab attention and make a strong first impression. While hiring a graphic designer can typically cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, using an online logo maker is the quickest and easiest way to create a stunning logo on a budget. Whether you own an online store or a physical retail store, the logo makers outlined in this guide are perfect for businesses of all types and sizes.

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