Selling on multiple ecommerce channels is the most effective way to maximise sales. However, managing listings across many different platforms can be complicated. By using multi-channel selling software however, you can effortlessly manage listings across all channels using one dashboard. Here you will find a list of the 10 best multi-channel selling tools for the most popular online store builders and marketplaces including Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay and Amazon.

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  1. Codisto – From $29 / month (unlimited orders)
  2. Sellbery – From $29 / month (14-day trial)
  3. Expandly – From £175 / month (7500 orders)
  4. Selro – From $99 / month (5000 orders)
  5. Linnworks – From £150 / month (1000 orders)
  6. ChannelGrabber – From $120 / month (unlimited)
  7. Ecomdash – Free version (30 orders / month)
  8. Sellbrite – From $29 / month (100 orders)
  9. SellerActive – From $79 / month ($10k sales)
  10. StoreFeeder – From £350 / month (unlimited orders)
  11. Stock Konnect – From $35 / month (unlimited orders)
  12. Multiorders – From £39/month (500 orders)

1. Codisto

Founded in 2011, Codisto is a powerful multi-channel selling software and inventory management solution compatible with Amazon and eBay’s 40+ global marketplaces, as well as more than 5 ecommerce platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce. Featuring real-time inventory syncing, bulk listing and flexible cross-platform pricing, Codisto has everything you need to reach millions of new customers directly from your existing ecommerce platform.

  • Reach millions of new customers using your existing ecommerce platform
  • Bulk list products on eBay, Amazon and Google in just a few clicks
  • Manage and edit listings across all platforms from one dashboard
  • Real-time syncing of inventory, pricing and product information
  • Unlimited orders for $29 / month with 1.9% transaction fee

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2. Sellbery

Trusted by more than 3000 users, Sellbery is one of the most powerful and cost-effective multi-channel selling solutions on the net. Compatible with more than 15 selling channels including eBay, Amazon and Etsy, as well as multiple online store builders including Shopify and WooCommerce, Sellbery is a true all-in-one cross-platform selling solution with automated inventory and order syncing every 15 minutes, as well as fully-customizable performance analytics and effortless listing management.

  • Compatible with more than 15 selling channels including eBay and Amazon
  • Create professional listings on multiple marketplaces in just a few clicks
  • Automatically sync orders, product data and inventory every 15 minutes
  • Free 30-day trial with low-cost plans and no limits on sales channels
  • Fully-customisable and comprehensive sales analytics and reports

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3. Expandly

Expandly is a reliable and cost-effective multi-channel selling software which allows you to list and manage products across multiple platforms including eBay and Amazon using one central dashboard. Featuring inventory syncing, courier integrations and performance analytics, as well as integration with various accounting programs including XERO and Quickbooks, Expandly is the ultimate software for creating a fully-scalable and streamlined cross-platform ecommerce business.

  • Compatible with 10 store builders including Shopify & WooCommerce
  • Bulk list on multiple sales channels including eBay, Amazon & Etsy
  • Manage listings, orders and inventory from one central location
  • Direct integration with shipping carriers and accounting software
  • Comprehensive sales reports including channel performance

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4. Selro

Selro is a reliable and efficient multi channel selling solution which allows you to quickly automate and streamline your ecommerce business by reducing time spent on manual tasks. Compatible with over 40 selling platforms including eBay, Amazon and Etsy, as well as dozens of shipping carriers and accounting programs, Selro is a true all-in-one solution, allowing for seamless selling and management of products on multiple channels using one centralised dashboard.

  • List products on 40+ selling channels including eBay and Amazon in minutes
  • Free up time and automate inventory management and stock replenishment
  • Fulfil orders, create shipping labels and auto upload tracking information
  • Manage orders and listings across multiple platforms from one account
  • Simple, transparent and low-cost monthly packages with 14-day trial

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5. Linnworks

With over 4,000 customers and more than $20 billion in processed orders, Linnworks is one of the most popular and well-established multi-channel selling solutions on the net. Compatible with more than 80 selling platforms including eBay, Amazon, Shopify and BigCommerce, as well as dozens of popular shipping carriers, Linnworks allows users to quickly scale their ecommerce businesses by reducing manual workload and combining activity across all channels into one central location.

  • Sell on multiple channels including eBay and Amazon using one central platform
  • Bulk list on eBay, Amazon and other popular platforms in just a few clicks
  • Manage orders, edit listings and monitor inventory from one dashboard
  • Prevent over-selling with automated product availability and stock updates
  • Create and save unlimited templates to speed up the listing process

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6. ChannelGrabber

ChannelGrabber is an advanced multi-channel selling software and ecommerce management solution featuring an all-in-one user dashboard for listing, managing and editing products across multiple selling platforms including eBay, Amazon and Etsy. Compatible with more than 10 online store builders including Shopify, WooCommerce and EKM, ChannelGrabber is the ultimate solution for building a fully scalable, efficient and profitable cross-platform ecommerce business.

  • List and edit products across multiple channels including eBay and Amazon
  • Sync product prices and data across all channels to prevent over-selling
  • Manage orders, billing and customers using one main user-dashboard
  • Compatible with more than 10 top selling platforms including Shopify
  • Real-time inventory sync with stock alerts and advanced modes

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7. Ecomdash

With over $3 billion in processed orders, 350 million managed listings and more than 50 compatible ecommerce platforms, Ecomdash is one of the most well-established, reliable and fully-scalable multi-channel selling solutions on the net. Featuring real-time inventory syncing and seamless integration with multiple shipping carriers, accounting programs and dropshipping suppliers, Ecomdash is the ultimate, all-in-one solution for cross-platform selling, trusted by tens of thousands of loyal users.

  • Compatible with 50+ ecommerce platforms including Shopify & WooCommerce
  • Create, edit and manage listings across all platforms from one dashboard
  • Real-time inventory updates across all platforms to prevent over-selling
  • Direct integration with leading shipping carriers & accounting software
  • Detailed performance reports including sales trends and inventory forecasts

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8. Sellbrite

Founded in 2013, Sellbrite is a well-established, low-cost and reliable multi-channel selling software, compatible with 5 online marketplaces including eBay, Amazon and Etsy, as well as 4 popular ecommerce channels including Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce. Offering an unlimited 30-day trial, as well as a free version for small businesses with up to 30 orders per month, Sellbrite is considered a more cost-effective and simplistic alternative to other multi-platform selling tools.

  • One-click integration with 5+ ecommerce platforms including eBay & Amazon
  • Manage listings, inventory and orders across all platforms from one dashboard
  • Quickly reach millions of new customers and create bulk listings in a few clicks
  • Automatically sync inventory and prices across all channels to stop over-selling
  • Unlimited 30-day trial and free (30 orders / month) version for small businesses

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9. SellerActive

SellerActive is one of the most advanced ecommerce management tools on the market, featuring bulk listing, automated repricing and inventory syncing, as well as FBA compatibility and variation support. Seamless integration with 5 selling channels including eBay and Amazon, as well as direct integration with multiple shipping carriers are just a few reasons why SellerActive customers experience an average 22% revenue growth within the first 60 days of use.

  • Integrates with 5 top ecommerce platforms including Shopify & 3dcart
  • Simultaneously list on eBay, Amazon and Walmart in just a few clicks
  • Manage and edit listings across all platforms from one dashboard
  • Sync inventory and product data in real-time to stop over-selling
  • Reach millions of new customers and quickly increase revenue

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10. StoreFeeder

StoreFeeder is a premium multi-channel selling software which allows you to manage product listings, inventory and orders, as well as shipping carriers and account software from one simple user-dashboard. Featuring seamless integration with more than 8 popular marketplaces, 5 online store builders and 15 couriers, as well as several accounting programs and payment gateways including Xero and KashFlow, StoreFeeder is a true all-in-one solution.

  • Manage orders, listings, inventory and couriers from a single platform
  • Compatible with over 10 marketplaces and 5 online store builders
  • Integrates directly with multiple couriers and payment gateways
  • Scale your ecommerce business and reach millions of new buyers
  • Includes personal account manager with help to get started

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11. Stock Konnect

Stock Konnect is a leading multi-channel ecommerce management software which allows you to create listings, manage orders and track sales, as well as synchronise inventory across multiple selling channels (including eBay and Amazon) from one intuitive user interface. From automating inventory management to seamless order management and comprehensive sales reports, Stock Konnect is a reliable and powerful solution for building an efficient and scalable ecommerce business.

  • Create listings, manage stock and process orders through a single user interface
  • Automate stock management across all platforms including eBay and Amazon
  • View comprehensive sales, inventory and performance reports in a few clicks
  • Reach millions of new customers and scale your ecommerce business rapidly
  • 30-day free trial with simple and low-cost monthly pricing options

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12. Multiorders

Multiorders is an innovative cross-platform inventory management software which allows you to seamlessly connect all ecommerce tools to one user-dashboard including selling platforms, shipping carriers and accounting software. From automated inventory management to order syncing, low stock notifications and bulk order processing, as well as order bundling and Amazon FBA integration, Multiorders is packed full of unique and exclusive features.

  • Powerful multi-channel and cross-platform inventory management software
  • Connect all ecommerce tools and software to one user-friendly dashboard
  • Automated inventory management and order syncing with bulk processing
  • Over 30 compatible selling platforms, marketplaces and shipping carriers
  • 14-day free trial with access to all features no credit card required

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What is multi-channel selling software?

Multi-channel selling software allows retailers to consolidate their cross-platform selling activities into one central location, as well as sync product data and inventory across all ecommerce channels to prevent over-selling and reduce manual workload. In most cases, the software will integrate directly with online store builders such as Shopify and WooCommerce, as well as third party marketplaces, shipping carriers and accounting software to offer a true all-in-one ecommerce automation solution.

Why use multi-channel selling software?

The biggest benefit to using multi-channel selling software is being able to instantly create new listings across many different selling platforms in just a few clicks, as well as manage existing listings, inventory and orders from one central location, thus preventing over-selling and automating a large number of manual tasks. Quite simply, multi-channel selling software allows retailers to completely streamline their online and multi-platform selling strategy. From syncing inventory to combining orders, bulk editing listings and tracking orders, the software handles it all.

Do I need multi-channel selling software?

Using multi-channel selling software is essential if you have a large number of listings and orders to manage on many different platforms. However, if you only have a small range of products, it’s certainly possible to manually create and manage listings across multiple selling platforms. Therefore, you should only invest in multi-channel selling software if you feel it will help you to better manage or grow your ecommerce business.

How does multi-channel selling software work?

In most cases, multi channel selling software will integrate directly with your preferred shopping cart or store building platform such as Shopify or WooCommerce and then connect with multiple ecommerce selling channels such as eBay and Amazon. Once connected, users can quickly create new listings on all selling channels and sync product data, prices and stock levels. Furthermore, customer orders and product listings across all channels can be managed from one user-dashboard.

How much does multi-channel selling software cost?

Pricing for multi-channel selling software will vary depending on the provider. However, most solutions charge a fixed monthly fee based on total product listings or monthly orders. In some cases, the software may charge a monthly fee based on the number of integrated selling channels or third party tools. It’s important to study each software and it’s features to determine which will be most suitable for your budget and needs.

Final Word

Using multi-channel selling software is the most effective way to manage listings and inventory across multiple ecommerce channels. In fact, multi-channel selling software will allow you to completely eliminate the issue of over-selling and prevent negative feedback on platforms such as eBay and Amazon. From creating new listings to syncing inventory and managing orders, multi-channel selling software streamlines the entire cross-platform selling process.

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