Purchasing liquidation or bankrupt stock is one of the most effective ways to acquire inventory for massively discounted prices. Here you will find a list of the 15+ best liquidation and bankrupt stock wholesalers in the UK and USA. Whether you’re looking to source clothing, electronics or kids toys, you can be sure to find a trusted liquidation stock supplier with exclusive deals and below wholesale prices. In fact, many of the suppliers listed in this guide specialise in one-off job lots, assorted lots or pallets of brand new excess, surplus and clearance inventory.

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Marthill International (UK)

Based in Nottingham, Marthill is one of the largest suppliers of surplus, bankrupt and returned high street merchandise in the world. Sourced directly from established retailers and mail order companies, Marthill features products in every major category including homeware, DIY tools, furniture, bathroom accessories and more. Customers can purchase in mixed one-off pallets or truckloads for a fraction of the retail value. Marthill is the perfect supplier for wholesalers, exporters, retailers, market traders, online sellers, car-booters and eBay sellers.

  • Well-established supplier of surplus, bankrupt and ex-catalogue merchandise
  • Large range of products in every major category including homeware and toys
  • Purchase in mixed pallets or bulk truckloads for a fraction of the retail value
  • Fast and affordable worldwide shipping with next-day UK delivery options
  • Nottingham-based warehouse with local purchasing and collection available

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Wholesale Clearance (UK)

Established in 2005, Wholesale Clearance is the UK’s largest online wholesale marketplace with a specialisation in liquidated, surplus and bankrupt stock. From clothing and jewellery to toys, mobile accessories and giftware, Wholesale Clearance has an extensive range of products available to purchase in one-off job lots, mixed assorted lots or pallets for below wholesale prices. With an annual turnover of more than 2.5 million and a network of well-established clients including Groupon and QVC, Wholesale Clearance is one of the most trusted sources of liquidation stock in the UK.

  • The UK’s largest online marketplace for liquidation and bankrupt stock
  • Purchase in one-off job lots, mixed lots or pallets for below wholesale
  • Huge range of products including clothing, jewellery, tools and more
  • Trusted company with renowned clients including Groupon and QVC
  • No membership fees with fast worldwide delivery from only £2.99

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Daniel Thomas Group (UK)

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Daniel Thomas Group is a well-established trade-only wholesaler with a specialisation in buying and selling clearance, excess, bankrupt and liquidation stock. Daniel Thomas Group supplies to businesses of all sizes including retailers, market traders, online sellers, eBayers, car boot sellers and exporters throughout the UK. From homeware to cleaning supplies, cosmetics, pet supplies, tools, backpacks and footwear, Daniel Thomas Group has a wide range of brand-new products including branded merchandise.

  • Leading UK-based wholesaler of liquidation, bankrupt and clearance stock
  • More than 25 years of industry experience and hundreds of UK customers
  • Wide range of brand new products including toys, tools, gifts and more
  • Suitable for online retailers, eBay/Amazon sellers and ecommerce sites
  • Fast (2-3 days) delivery with free UK shipping on orders over £250.00

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Top Down Trading (UK)

Top Down Trading is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of clearance, surplus and ex-chainstore clothing and footwear from leading branding including Nike, Puma, Converse, Timberland and more. From women’s designer dresses to men’s sportswear, Top Down Trading has an extensive range of exclusive wholesale clothing. With multiple purchasing options including small parcels of between 100-500 pieces, pallets of 1000-2000 pieces and 20ft-40ft containers of 10,000 or more pieces, Top Down Trading is the perfect supplier for fashion retailers of all sizes.

  • The UK’s most trusted supplier of ex-chainstore clothing and footwear
  • Extensive range of items from leading brands including Nike and Puma
  • Purchase in small parcels, large pallets or containers for huge savings
  • Free UK shipping on pallets or parcels with low-cost exporting options
  • £300 minimum order with additional discounts on orders over £1000

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Wholesale Clearance Stock (UK)

Based in Manchester, Wholesale Clearance Stock is a family-run discount wholesaler with a large range of exclusive deals on clearance, surplus and end of line merchandise sourced directly from major high street retailers and businesses within the UK. With no minimum order requirement, no hidden charges and no need to create a trade account, as well as free shipping on all UK orders, Wholesale Clearance Stock is trusted by thousands of online retailers, pound shops, DIY stores, eBay sellers and ecommerce websites across the UK.

  • Manchester-based supplier of wholesale clearance and surplus stock
  • More than 100 exclusive wholesale offers on brand new products
  • Suitable for online ecommerce websites, as well as eBay sellers
  • No minimum order requirement and free UK shipping on all orders
  • No hidden fees and no need to create a trade or business account

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Gem Wholesale (UK)

With more than 40 years of experience, Gem Wholesale is the one of the UK’s original and most trusted suppliers of ex-chainstore, surplus and customer returned goods to thousands of retailers and online sellers through the UK. In fact, Gem Wholesale deals with some of the UK’s most recognised high street retailers and mail order companies to bring you the largest selection of discount wholesale merchandise. From clothing and footwear to furniture, kids toys, homeware, jewellery and electronics, GEM Wholesale has something for all types of retailers.

  • The UK’s original clearance wholesaler with over 40 years of experience
  • Thousands of products available to purchase in pallets or small cartons
  • Exclusive deals and offers on customer returns for below wholesale prices
  • Low £300 minimum order value with fast 2-3 days delivery across the UK
  • Fast growing company with a 80,000 sq. ft. warehouse based in Buckley

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Merkandi (UK)

With more than 75,000 buyers in over 150 countries, Merkandi is one of the largest international wholesale marketplaces in the world. Markandi has thousands of products from some of the most trusted global suppliers including a huge range of exclusive one-off job lots, mixed wholesale lots, liquidation deals, stocklot offers and surplus inventory for up to 90% off the retail price. As Merkandi charges annual membership fees starting at £109, the platform is most suited to established businesses who are looking to source inventory regularly.

  • The largest wholesale marketplace for liquidation and clearance stock
  • Over 75,000 buyers from more than 150 countries across the globe
  • Huge network of trusted manufacturers, wholesalers and liquidators
  • Up to 90% off the retail price on thousands of high-quality products
  • Standard membership fee for unlimited access starting at £109 / year

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Founded in 2004, BULQ has grown to become one of the USA’s largest suppliers of bankrupt, excess, clearance and closeout stock sourced directly from leading retailers including Groupon, Target and Walmart. In fact, with more than 1.2 million satisfied customers, 200,000 positive reviews and over $500 million in processed orders, BULQ is a well-established leader in the liquidation inventory market. From mobile accessories to women’s clothing, kids toy and home decor, BULQ has thousands of high-quality products in a variety of different categories.

  • The USA’s largest supplier of liquidation and bankrupt merchandise
  • Sourced directly from trusted retailers including Target and Groupon
  • More than 1.2 million happy customers and 200,000 positive reviews
  • Products in multiple categories including clothing, toys and homeware
  • Purchase in small cases or large pallets for below wholesale prices

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HJ Closeouts (USA)

HJ Closeouts is a family-owned wholesale closeout business with more than 30 years of experience and thousands of unique products in over 25 categories including homeware, clothing, gifts, beauty, jewelry, party supplies, pet supplies and more. Perfect for small to medium sized retailers, HJ Closeouts offer products in small cases rather than large pallets or container loads. Therefore, you can source the perfect amount of stock and enjoy below wholesale prices on exclusive bulk lots, assorted lots and one-off clearance deals for maximum resale profits.

  • Family-owned wholesale closeout company with decades of experience
  • Thousands of unique clearance or surplus products in over 25 categories
  • Purchase the perfect quantity in small case packs rather than large pallets
  • Suitable for eBay and Amazon FBA sellers, as well as ecommerce stores
  • Free shipping throughout the US with direct delivery to Amazon available

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Via Trading (USA)

Via Trading is a professional online wholesaler of true liquidation, surplus and bankrupt merchandise, as well as customer returns and clearance stock in cases, pallets or truckloads for a fraction of the retail cost. Starting from humble beginnings in 2002 as a small liquidation company with a 6,000 SQFT warehouse based in Los Angeles, Via Trading has grown to becoming a multi-million dollar company with a 240,000 SQFT warehouse and more than 40,000 customers in over 129 countries including large and small retailers, online stores and eBay/Amazon sellers.

  • Professional online wholesaler of true liquidation and surplus merchandise
  • Over 15 years of industry experience and more than 40,000 loyal customers
  • Huge range of merchandise sourced from Fortune 500 retailers and stores
  • Purchase in cases, pallets or truckloads for hugely discounted trade prices
  • No membership fees with low-cost shipping and local pickup available

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Direct Liquidation (USA)

Direct Liquidation is a B2B liquidation auction marketplace for sourcing exclusive wholesale lots and surplus merchandise from leading US retailers including Walmart, Lowes and Sam’s Club. With more than 100 product categories including electronics, tools, clothing, jewelry, pet supplies and more, Direct Liquidation is suitable for all types of retailers including online sellers. No premium buyer chargers and real-time shipping quotes, as well as a proprietary system for calculating resale prices are just a few reasons why Direct Liquidation is a market leader.

  • Trusted wholesale-auction marketplace of liquidation and surplus stock
  • Thousands of new and returned products in more than 100 categories
  • Sourced directly from top tier retailers including Walmart and Lowes
  • Purchase in boxes or pallets through bidding or buy it now auctions
  • Fast shipping throughout the USA with no premium buyer chargers

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Topper Liquidators (USA)

Based in Florida, Topper Liquidators is a specialist supplier of surplus, clearance, excess and bankrupt inventory in more than 10 main categories including homeware, apparel, health, beauty, jewelry, toys and more. Topper Liquidators supplies to wholesalers, exporters, retailers and online sellers from all corners of the globe, providing fast and reliable shipping to businesses, as well as direct shipping to Amazon fulfillment warehouses. From designer sunglasses to fashion necklaces and wine glasses, Topper Liquidators has an extensive range.

  • Specialist supplier of surplus, liquidation and clearance inventory
  • Products in more than 10 categories including apparel and beauty
  • Fast global shipping with delivery to Amazon warehouses available
  • Exclusive deals on small quantity lots for below wholesale prices
  • Dedicated customer support with phone, email or live chat options

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Liquidation.com (USA)

Liquidation.com is part of Liquidity Services, a leading ecommerce company that operates a network of B2B marketplaces with a combined total of more than $8 billion in completed transactions and over 3.5 million buyers from 200 countries. Liquidation.com allows retailers to source high-quality merchandise in more than 500 categories for 70% – 90% below retail. In fact, Liquidation.com is the largest B2B auction marketplace in North America, connecting leading retailers such as Target and Walmart with surplus, overstock and clearance stock buyers.

  • Largest wholesale and liquidation auction-marketplace in North America
  • Thousands of high-quality new or used products in over 500 categories
  • Includes exclusive liquidated, surplus, shelf pulls and customer returns
  • Source directly from major US retailers including Target and Wayfair
  • Purchase in packages, pallets or truckloads for 70-90% below retail

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Fashion Bulk (USA)

Fashion Bulk is a leading B2B wholesaler and distributor of liquidation, surplus and ex-chainstore clothing, shoes and accessories in case packs, bulk lots, pallets and truckloads. Whether you own a large retail store or a small eBay shop, Fashion Bulk is suitable for businesses of all sizes including Amazon FBA sellers. From designer women’s dresses to men’s footwear and winterwear, Fashion Bulk has a large range of products including overstock, shelf pulls and customer returns sourced from top US retailers and brands including Target, Levi and Calvin Klein.

  • B2B wholesaler and distributor of liquidated and ex-chainstore clothing
  • Sourced directly from leading retailers and top brands including Target
  • Purchase the perfect amount of stock in packs, lots or large pallets
  • Ideal for ecommerce websites, as well as eBay and Amazon sellers
  • Professional customer support team with free online selling guide

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Wholesale Ninjas (USA)

Wholesale Ninjas is a popular online wholesale supplier of general merchandise and liquidation stock in small assorted lots, large pallets or cases including health products, beauty accessories and cosmetics. Established partnerships with some of the world’s largest retailers allows Wholesale Ninjas to source surplus, clearance and shelf pulls for a fraction of the retail cost. Wholesale Ninjas has a proven track record of satisfying the needs of online sellers and physical retail stores, as well as those in secondary markets such as flea market or auction sellers.

  • Popular online wholesaler of general merchandise and liquidation stock
  • Established partnerships with the world’s largest retailers and brands
  • Purchase in small assorted lots, large mixed pallets or brand new cases
  • Select the perfect number of units (100 – 1000) for the lowest prices
  • Exclusive deals on branded items with up to 80% off the retail prices

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Honcho Wholesale (USA)

Honcho Wholesale is a specialist online supplier of exclusive wholesale liquidation lots sold by cases and pallets including women’s clothing, health and beauty products. All lots include highly detailed manifests, multiple display photos and high-quality merchandise which has been thoroughly inspected before resale, unlike most liquidators who typically focus on bulk and lack quality control processes. While Honcho Wholesale has a strong focus on women’s clothing and footwear, the company also has a growing range of health and beauty products.

  • Online supplier of exclusive wholesale liquidation lots in cases or pallets
  • All offers include detailed manifests and multiple high-quality photos
  • Strong focus on women’s clothing and shoes including branded apparel
  • Growing range of health and beauty products, as well as general items
  • The best supplier for fashion websites and online eBay or Amazon sellers

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Why buy liquidation or bankrupt stock?

Purchasing liquidation or bankrupt stock is the quickest way to launch a retail business or expand an existing product range, as you can typically source high-quality (new or used) goods for a fraction of the retail value. Furthermore, purchasing liquidation or bankrupt stock in mixed wholesale lots or pallets allows you to offer your customers a wider range of products without having to purchase significant quantities of a single item.

Where can I sell liquidation or bankrupt stock?

From selling on marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon to building your own website or selling through modern ecommerce channels such as Facebook shops or Google, there are several options when it comes to selling liquidation or bankrupt stock. You can also sell liquidation or bankrupt stock locally at car boot sales or flea markets to avoid shipping costs and earn bigger profit margins. Furthermore, many sellers have achieved great success sourcing used liquidated or bankrupt stock and selling the goods on classified ad websites such as Gumtree or Craigslist.

Is selling liquidation or bankrupt stock profitable?

Selling liquidation or bankrupt stock can be highly profitable when sourcing products from reputable suppliers and selling the goods on the most suitable channels. It’s important to thoroughly research a liquidation or bankrupt stock supplier to ensure you are getting the best possible trade prices. You should also consider selling fees and shipping costs if you’re planning to sell the products on marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon. Alternatively, you can sell the merchandise on Facebook or classified ad websites such as Gumtree, as well as at local flea markets or car boot sales to eliminate shipping costs and maximise your resale profits.

Final Word

If you’re looking to start a new retail business or if you want to expand your current product range to offer more variety, purchasing liquidation or bankrupt stock is the best way to secure high-quality inventory for the lowest trade prices. In fact, typical liquidation lots or clearance pallets can be purchased for up to 80% below wholesale prices. Whether it’s surplus inventory, shelf pulls or customer returns, these often one-time deals or exclusive job lot offers are unmatched in terms of price. To find more liquidation or bankrupt stock wholesalers, be sure to browse our free directory.

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