DropshipMe Review: Features, Pricing & Settings

DropshipMe is one of the best WordPress plugins for quickly finding and importing best-selling AliExpress dropshipping products to a WooCommerce powered store. It’s very easy to use and highly flexible with a range of cutting-edge features including one-click importing, professionally edited titles and suggestion selling prices, as well as automatic importing of existing AliExpress customer reviews.

Compatibility: WooCommerce, WordPress, AliExpress

Suppliers: AliExpress (50K winning products)

Price: From $29 one-time (50 free imports)Full Pricing

   Handpicked database of more than 50,000 winning dropshipping products

   Trusted network of the most reliable dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress

   Import selected products to your WooCommerce store in just a few clicks

   Professionally edited and optimised product titles with crystal-clear images

   Automatically import existing customer reviews to increase conversions

   Low-cost custom dropshipping store building service from $299

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What is DropshipMe?

DropshipMe is a powerful WordPress plugin which allows you to quickly import dropshipping products to your WooCommerce powered store from a handpicked database of more than 50,000 best-selling AliExpress items. Featuring a growing network of leading AliExpress suppliers, as well as professionally edited titles and suggested selling prices, DropshipMe has everything you need to quickly launch or expand a WooCommerce dropshipping store.

With a free plan for importing 50 winning products and premium packages starting at only $29 one-time for 100 imports, DropshipMe is an extremely affordable dropshipping solution for WordPress and WooCommerce users. No ongoing membership fees and lifetime technical support, as well as an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard are just a few reasons why DropshipMe has been installed on more than 7,000 active WordPress sites and counting.

Features & Benefits

From a huge database of more than 50,000 best-selling products to one-click product importing and custom listing titles, DropshipMe has a ton of powerful features. Simply install the plugin and you can instantly start importing selected products to your WooCommerce store including descriptions, images and existing customer reviews. Additional features include suggested selling prices, estimated profit margins and quick product filters to find items with fast ePacket shipping. DropshipMe also provides a custom store building service from as little as $299 which includes a premium domain name and full ownership.

   Over 50,000 handpicked dropshipping products

   Most trusted and reliable AliExpress suppliers

   Filter products by shipping time and category

   Import to your WooCommerce store in one-click

   Recommended selling prices and profit margins

   Detailed product analytics including total sales

   Professionally edited product titles and images

   Automatic importing of existing customer reviews

   Profitable products in every major category/niche

   Simple and easy to use with intuitive dashboard

   Free plan with 50 free winning product imports

   Custom store building service from only $299

Pros & Cons

DropshipMe has many advantages as a dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce. However, it also has a number of disadvantages and limitations which need to be considered. From a lack of inventory automation features to only being compatible with AliExpress and WordPress, DropshipMe is most suited to those who are looking to start dropshipping products from China-based suppliers through a WooCommerce and WordPress powered store.

   Huge range of winning dropship products

   Trusted network of AliExpress suppliers

   Fully optimised for use with WordPress

   Reliable and robust with frequent updates

   Simple and user-friendly dashboard/settings

   Over 7000 active WordPress installations

   Free version for importing up to 50 products

  Low-cost premium plans with lifetime support

   No inventory or stock automation features

   Limited to AliExpress (China) suppliers

   Compatible with WooCommerce only

   Additional repricing software required

   No custom images or descriptions

Compatible Suppliers

DropshipMe is compatible with AliExpress, one of the largest and most popular online marketplaces for dropshipping. AliExpress has millions of low-cost products from thousands of leading suppliers from China and across the globe. The DropshipMe team manually researches various AliExpress products and handpicks the most profitable based on popularity, sales history, customer reviews and competition, as well as a range of other data insights. AliExpress has quickly become the most popular and reliable platform for sourcing high-quality products from leading dropshipping suppliers.

Compatible Selling Channels

The DropshipMe plugin was designed exclusively for use with WordPress and WooCommerce. WooCommerce is the most popular selling channel for WordPress users as it’s completely free to use and packed full of powerful features for building an online store including built-in payment processors, configurable shipping options and hundreds of innovative extensions. DropshipMe is the most popular extension for quickly importing winning dropship products to a WooCommerce powered store.

Usage & Settings

DropshipMe is a very easy to use WordPress plugin with simplistic features and settings. Once the plugin has been installed, you will gain instant access to the handpicked database of more than 50,000 winning AliExpress dropshipping products. Simply search the database using keywords or browse the various categories to find profitable products in every major category or niche, then import them to your WooCommerce store in one-click. Comprehensive product analytics including total sales, reviews and estimated profit margins allow you to quickly narrow down the best-sellers.

  • Browse over 50,000 winning dropship products and import them to your store in one-click
  • Search using keywords or browse categories to find suitable products in every major niche
  • Review advanced product data including total orders, reviews and suggested selling prices
  • Import existing AliExpress customer reviews to increase engagement and conversions
  • Automatically create new categories in your store and set selling prices when importing
  • Compatible with multiple AliExpress product variations including colours, size and type
  • Bulk select and import hundreds of items in a few clicks or create listings individually

Additional Services

More than just a plugin for importing winning AliExpress products, DropshipMe also provides a low-cost custom store building service which includes a professional theme, premium domain name and social media pages, as well as an automated management system and integrated marketing tools. The stores also come fully-loaded with winning dropshipping products and integrated with the most popular payment processors.

  • Professional dropshipping store fully loaded with winning AliExpress dropshipping products
  • Custom design with 100% mobile responsive theme and integrated payment processors
  • Automated management system with built-in marketing tools and branded social pages
  • Includes premium domain name and full ownership with optional hosting from $48/year
  • Fast turnaround time with your dropshipping store ready for use within 10-12 working days
  • Earn up to 12% cashback on every AliExpress dropshipping order to increase profit margins

Pricing & Billing

When it comes to pricing, DropshipMe is one of the most affordable dropshipping plugins for WordPress and Woocommerce. The free plan includes up to 50 product imports and unrestricted access to the database, while the premium plans start at less than $30 one-time. The biggest advantage to using DropshipMe is that it has no ongoing fees or hidden costs. Therefore, you can import as many products as you like without racking up a large recurring bill. Pricing for a custom dropshipping store fully-loaded with winning products starts at only $299 and includes a premium domain name.

PackagePrice (USD)
50 ImportsFREE
100 Imports$29 one-time
500 Imports$119 one-time
1000 Imports$199 one-time

Pricing Summary: DropshipMe is a very low-cost dropshipping solution. With a free version and no ongoing monthly fees, it’s perfect for those who have a limited budget. Whether you want to import 100 or 10,000 winning dropshipping products to your WooCommerce store, DropshipMe has an affordable (one-time) package to suit. With custom dropshipping stores starting at only $299, it’s also ideal for those looking to quickly launch an ecommerce website, without having paying thousands of dollars on design and optimisation.

Full Pricing

Final Conclusion

DropshipMe is one of the best WordPress plugins for quickly importing winning dropshipping products to your WooCommerce powered store. Featuring a database of more than 50,000 handpicked AliExpress products and one-click importing, as well as professionally edited titles and automatic importing of existing customer reviews, DropshipMe is packed full of cutting-edge features. Furthermore, with a free plan for importing up to 50 products and premium packages starting at only $29 one-time, DropshipMe is a very affordable and cost-effective plugin with no ongoing fees or hidden membership costs.

Getting Started

To get started, simply visit the DropshipMe website using the button below and choose a package. The free package allows you to import 50 products, while pricing for more than 50 products starts at a one-time $29. Once you have selected a package, you will be able to download the DropshipMe plugin and install it on your WordPress website. If you’re interested in purchasing a custom dropshipping store, simply visit the DropshipMe website and review the various packages.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  What selling channels is DropshipMe Compatible With?

DropshipMe is compatible with WooCommerce, the most popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress. In fact, the DropshipMe plugin was exclusively designed and optimised for the WordPress platform. Therefore, it’s highly reliable, efficient and secure with thousands of active installs and many positive reviews from users. It’s by far the most popular plugin for importing dropshipping products to a WooCommerce powered online store.

  How do I install and activate DropshipMe?

Simply download the DropshipMe plugin and upload it to your WooCommerce store through the Plugins > Add New section of your WordPress dashboard. You can download the plugin from the DropshipMe website or simply search for the free version through the WordPress plugins directory. Once activated, you can instantly start browsing the database and importing dropshipping products to your store in one-click.

  How do I import products with DropshipMe?

To import products using DropshipMe, simply browse the database of more than 50,000 AliExpress items in your WordPress dashboard and import them to your WooCommerce store by clicking the ‘Import’ button. DropshipMe will automatically import the product and all data including titles, descriptions and images, as well as product reviews. You can also bulk select and import products while browsing the database. Once imported, simply review your WooCommerce listing to ensure the data is correct and then publish it live on your ecommerce store.

  Does DropshipMe import existing reviews?

Yes, DropshipMe will automatically import existing AliExpress customer reviews to your WooCommerce store, as well as all product data including titles, images and descriptions. Therefore, it’s important to select products with positive customer reviews and an average rating of 4.5 or more to maximise your conversion rates. 

  Does DropshipMe create unique product titles?

Yes, the DropshipMe research team creates entirely unique and professional titles before adding the products to the database. Therefore, you won’t need to edit the often poorly written titles or descriptions provided by AliExpress. DropshipMe also enhances the product images and removes any watermarks, as well as optimises descriptions to make them SEO friendly. All you need to do is add the ready-to-go products to your WooCommerce store.

  Does DropshipMe monitor inventory?

Unfortunately, DropshipMe does not monitor inventory as it’s designed specifically for importing winning dropshipping products. Therefore, you will need to find a third party tool or software to automatically update stock and prices. Please refer to our list of the best dropshipping software solutions for more information.

  How much does DropshipMe cost?

DropshipMe is free to use for importing up to 50 product listings. Pricing for importing more than 50 listings starts at just $29 one-time. Therefore, DropshipMe is extremely affordable and low-cost with no ongoing monthly membership fees. Please refer to the pricing and billing section above for more information.

  Does DropshipMe have a free plan?

Yes, the DropshipMe plugin is completely free to download and install. Once installed, you can instantly import up to 50 products to your WooCommerce store for free. Pricing for premium packages which allow you to import more products starts at only $29 one-time. Therefore, you can test drive the plugin and it’s features without having to pay anything.

  How much is a custom dropshipping store?

Pricing for a custom dropshipping store starts at $299 one-time and includes a premium domain name, professional theme and integrated payment gateways, as well as built-in marketing tools an an automated management system. Hosting is available for only $48/year or can be purchased separately from low-cost providers such as Hostgator and GoDaddy.

  Can I list products on eBay with DropshipMe?

Unfortunately, DropshipMe does not have a feature which allows you to list products on eBay. However, you can use the DropshipMe plugin to quickly import winning products to your WooCommerce store and then use another plugin or multi-channel selling software to further list the products on marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon. There are several low-cost plugins such as Codisto and Sellbrite which allow you to quickly list your WooCommerce products on eBay, Amazon and other popular online marketplaces, as well as platforms such as Facebook and Google.