Trust Pet Products

Wholesaler – Warwick, United Kingdom (UK)
Based in the Midlands, Trust Pet Products is an long-established wholesaler of pet supplies, food and accessories with over 40 years of experience. As a family run business, Trust Pet Products always put customers first and supply a vast range of pet products for dogs, cats, small animals, fish, birds, reptiles and horses. Products include food, treats, chews, beds, feeders, collars, leads, grooming accessories, cages, carriers and more.
Business Type: Wholesaler
Address: Trust Pet Products Ltd, Broxell Close, Warwick, CV34 5QF, United Kingdom
Phone: 01926 495201
Min Order: £200 + VAT
Membership Fee: None

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Pet Supplies (Dogs) (Cats) (Birds) (Small Animals) (Fish & Aquatic) (Horses) (Insects & Wildlife) (Reptiles & Amphibians)

Dogs & Cats – Pet food, treats, leads, bowls, collars, harnesses, chews, bowls, dishes, feeders, beds, cushions, sleepers, mats, carriers, dry food, biscuits, heated beds, cooling beds, grooming accessories, brushes, dog whistles, training accessories, muzzles, identity collars, travel accessories, dog coats, clothing, apparel, toys, flea treatment, insect treatments, worming treatments, cat litter, litter trays, cat doors, shampoos, conditioners, scratching posts, climbing trees

Small Animals (Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Mice, Chinchillas, Chipmunks, Degus, Ferrets) – Food, treats, feeding dishes, gnaws, small animal bedding, grooming accessories, hamster cages, gerbil cages, small animal cages, rabbit hutches, rabbit runs, play pens, small animal toys

Pet & Wild Birds – Bird food, bird suet treats, bird seed treats, bird feeders, bird tables, bird feeding stations, bird nest boxes, wild bird accessories, bird cages, ladders, bird toys, bird carriers, bird breeding accessories, perches, cage accessories

Fish – Fish food, fish tanks, fish aquariums, pond food, aquarium treatments, fish bowls, aquarium pumps, filters, cleaning equipment, aquarium accessories

Reptiles – Reptile food, amphibian food, litter, substrates, feeders, drinkers, reptile habitats, heaters, lights, reptile supplements, tanks, terraniums, tank accessories

Additional Products – Poultry supplies, livestock supplies, equine supplies