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Chrome Lister | Daily Monitoring | 800 FREE Listings

ShopMaster is an (all-in-one) dropshipping automation software and low-cost auto-ordering solution, compatible with over 20 suppliers and 5 top selling channels including eBay, Shopify and WooCommerce, it excels in reliability and efficiency ...more info.

Compatibility: eBay (UK/US/CA), Shopify, WooCommerce, 3dcart +1 more Suppliers: 18 (China) – UK/EU/US Warehouses

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4.78 out of 5 stars

ShopMaster is a highly reliable, flexible and low-cost dropshipping software which is packed full of innovative features including bulk importing, daily repricing, auto ordering and bulk ordering. Although compatible with less suppliers than some of its competitors, ShopMaster excels in simplicity and efficiency, providing a fully automated dropshipping solution while still providing ample choice of products to sell, many of which are shipped directly from US, EU or UK warehouses.

Compatibility: eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, 3dcart, Wish
Suppliers: 18 (China) – UK/US/EU Warehouses
Price: Free (800 listings) starter plan

Key Features:
  18+ compatible suppliers with US/EU/UK warehouses
  Ultra-fast chrome lister tool and bulk product importer
  Daily price/stock monitoring and flexible repricing rules
  Automatic product ordering, bulk ordering and auto purchase
  Free starter plan for monitoring and repricing up to 800 listings

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What is ShopMaster?

Established in 2017, ShopMaster is a complete dropshipping automation solution for sourcing, listing, managing and monitoring dropship products on multiple online selling channels including eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce and Wish. From finding fast-selling products to creating professional listings, monitor inventory changes and fulfilling orders, ShopMaster handles it all.

Serving over 100,000 dropshippers across the globe and processing more than 7M orders each year, ShopMaster has firmly established itself as a reliable, efficient and streamlined dropshipping software, particularly suited to those looking to source low-cost goods from China based wholesalers with global distribution warehouses.

Features & Benefits

From a simple Chrome Lister extension to seamless bulk importing, auto ordering and flexible repricing options, ShopMaster is packed full of innovative features. ShopMaster is also one of the very few dropshipping software programs to offer a free forever plan which includes listing, monitoring and automatically repricing up to 800 listings on your selling platform of choice.

  18+ Low-Cost Suppliers with Global Warehouses

  Innovative Chrome Lister Extension & Bulk Importer

  Daily Monitoring & Automatic Repricing/Updating

  Automatic & Bulk Product Ordering

  Simplistic Repricing Rules

  Free Forever Plan ( Up to 800 Listings)

  Connect & List on Multiple Selling Channels

  Hot Selling Products Database

  Auto Order Fulfilment with Synced Tracking

  Compatible with Product Variations

Pros & Cons

ShopMaster excels in features and functionality, as well as price and usability. However, it does have a few disadvantages which need to be discussed. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of it’s main pros and cons for your consideration.

  Low-cost & efficient with free plan

  Reliable, simplistic & user-friendly

  Multiple compatible selling channels

  Unique, innovative & exclusive features

  Well-maintained and regularly updated

  Exceptional customer support

  Limited suppliers to choose from

  Mostly China based suppliers

  Not compatible with Amazon

  Less experience than competitiors

Compatible Suppliers

Currently, ShopMaster is compatible with around 19 different suppliers, most of which are China based dropshippers with warehouses located across the globe including in the UK, EU and USA. While new suppliers are frequently added, ShopMaster seems to follow the same route by focussing on China based suppliers.

LocationSupplier Count
USA Warehouses5
UK Warehouses2
EU Warehouses3

Compatible Selling Platforms

One of ShopMaster’s biggest selling points is it’s seamless compatibility with some of the biggest ecommerce platforms in the world including eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, 3dcart and Wish. Therefore, dropshipping on multiple channels, such as through your WooCommerce store and eBay account with ShopMaster is practical and easy. However, as it stands ShopMaster is not compatible with Amazon, unfortunately,

Usage & Settings

When it comes to using ShopMaster, the admin dashboard and settings area is very modern and simplistic. You can opt to import products from the 18+ dropshipping suppliers individually, in bulk or by using the lightweight Chrome Lister extension. Once imported into ShopMaster, the product details including titles, images and descriptions, as well as variations, can be quickly edited before being pushed live to your chosen selling platform. Once listed on your selling platform, ShopMaster will automatically monitor and update your listings every 24hour, repricing products when nessesary based on predetermine settings and formulas.

  • Import products in bulk, individually, by specific URL or using the super-fast Chrome Lister extension
  • Edit titles, descriptions and specifics, as well as manage variations in the few clicks of a mouse
  • Push products to your online store (Shopify/WooCommerce) or 3rd party marketplace (eBay) in the few clicks of a mouse
  • Simple to understand repricing and restocking rules with multi-tier formulas and full control over profit margins
  • Automatically set items as out of stock when a predetermined (minimum available) quantity threshold is met
  • Real-time monitor log to keep track of price/stock changes manually

Pricing & Billing

ShopMaster’s pricing is based on the total number of listings being monitored, tracked and automatically repriced. There is no limit to the number of listings the software can manage and the free forever plan allows for the creation and monitoring of up to 800 listings on a maximum of 2 selling channels.

Important Note: We regularly monitor reviews to maintain current prices. However, prices are subject to change at any given time. Please visit the ShopMaster website for more up-to-date prices.


Pricing Overview: ShopMaster is one of the most cost-effective dropshipping software solutions, offering a free forever plan for a massive 800 listings and starting at less than $20 per month for 2500 listings. Pricing for listing and monitoring an unlimited number of products on up to 5 different selling channels is only $79.90 per month. When compared to other dropshipping programs, ShopMaster comes in at one of the cheapeast around.

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Final Conclusion

Features & Usability

Pricing & Value

Customer Support

ShopMaster is a cost-effective, reliable and highly flexible dropshipping software solution actively used by over 100k users and capable of seamlessly processing millions of orders each year. Boasting all of the features of a Premium dropship software including bulk listing and auto ordering, ShopMaster is quickly becoming the number one choice, particularly for users who are looking to source goods from China based suppliers and dropship them through their WooCommerce, Shopify or 3dcart store. The only reason ShopMaster falls short of a full 5 stars is because it’s not suitable for everyone considering is lacks a broader range of UK/US based suppliers and is not yet compatible with Amazon.

Getting Started

With the free forever plan, ShopMaster users can list and monitor up to 800 listings on a maximum of 2 selling channels. For example, selling on your own WooCommerce powered store as well as eBay. Creating an account literally only takes a few seconds and you can instantly start finding and importing dropship products. Simply sign up, tweak the settings to your requirements and start listing products.

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ShopMaster FAQs

Check out the following Frequent Asked Questions in relation to ShopMaster. If you have a question which is not covered, please visit the ShopMaster website and contact them directly.

ShopMaster is compatible with approximately 19 suppliers, most of which are Chinese dropshipping companies with several distribution warehouses located across the globe including in the UK/EU/US and beyond.
ShopMaster is currently compatible with 5 different selling channels including eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, 3dcart and Wish.
Absolutely, ShopMaster has multiple options when it comes to creating new listings on your selling channel of choice. You can either bulk import products, import products individually or creating new listing using the Chrome Lister extension.
Yes, ShopMaster will monitor both prices and stock every day. When a change is detected, ShopMaster will automatically update your listing based on predetermined settings.
ShopMster will check your listing every 24 hours and make any necessary changes to your listings.