Salefreaks is one of the best eBay dropshipping software solutions for full and true automation, featuring a quick product lister, real-time inventory monitoring, automatic repricing and automated order fulfilment, as well as an innovative (best-selling) products locator and fully working non-API version. Additional features include managed Amazon accounts for automated ordering, exclusive VERO protection tools and unlimited eBay/Amazon accounts, as well as rapid bulk listing.

Compatibility: eBay (UK/US), Bonanza (US)
Suppliers: 7 (US), 1 (UK)
Price: From $27 / month (14 Day Trial)

Key Features:
  Innovative best-selling product locator tool with fee and profits breakdown
  Create listings individually or in bulk with real-time inventory monitoring
  Fully automated non-API version without manual input or browser extensions
  Risk-free managed Amazon accounts for automated order fulfilment
  eBay VERO protection and BlueCare express tracking information

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Pricing Overview

500 Listings – $92 / month
1000 Listings – $144 / month
1500 Listings – $199 / month
2000 Listings – $240 / month
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