ReGo Wholesale

Wholesaler – New Jersey, United States (USA)
Established in 1994, ReGo Wholesale is a leading wholesale distributor of consumer packed products including food, grocery, drinks, confectionery, sweets, snacks, health products and cleaning supplies, as well as batteries, pest control products and craft supplies from more than 3,000 renowned brands such as Tide, Bounty, Air Wick, Always, Ariel, Brillo and Dove. Whether your own a large supermarket or a small local convenience store, ReGo Wholesale is the perfect trading partner for businesses of all sizes, offering high-demand goods for the lowest trade prices without compromising quality.
Business Type: Wholesaler
Address: ReGo Wholesale, 200 Liberty St, Metuchen, New Jersey 08840, United States
Phone: (732) 603-7346
Min Order: $1000
Membership Fee: None

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Food, Grocery & Drinks (Water & Beverages) (Canned & Packed Food) (Coffee & Tea) (Cereal & Snacks), Confectionery & Sweets (Chocolate & Candy Bars), Home & Garden (Cleaning Supplies) (Pest Control) (Outdoor Cooking), Health & Beauty (Personal Care) (Skincare & Body Care) (Hair Care & Styling)
Food, Grocery & Drinks – Water, soda, fruit juice, canned foods, packed foods, easy food, noodles, tuna, rice, spaghetti, cereal, oat bars, breakfast bars, chips, crisps, coffee, syrup, sugar, sweeteners, baking soda, olive oil
Sweets & Confectionery – Chocolate, candy bars, gummy sweets, cookies, shortbread, Nutella, gum, mini candies, gummies
Household – Cleaning supplies, disinfectant, cleaning wipes, grease cleaner, washing up liquid, detergent, wet pads, cleaning tools, air fresheners, batteries, candles, candle holders, pest control
Beauty & Personal Care – Hair care, shampoo, conditioner, skin care, soap, liquid soap, lotions, creams, moisturiser, gels, body scrub, oral care, toothpaste, mouthwash, beauty tools, cotton swabs, razors, deodorant, first aid supplies, baby wipes