Mullberry Home

Wholesaler – Pennsylvania, United States (USA)
Mullberry Home is a leading US-based wholesaler of gifts, home decor, garden accessories, floral supplies and more. With a 45, 000 square ft cash & carry warehouse and thousands of best-selling products from top vendors in the industry, Mullberry Home is a primary partner for thousands of retailers, home stores and gift shops across the US. Mullberry Home’s massive range of unique, chic and rustic giftware items include candles, ornaments, figurines, kitchenware, soft furnishings, textiles, pillows, wall decor, lamps, lanterns, glassware, tinware, pottery, artificial flowers, doormats, garden ornaments, planters, garden lights and much more. Mullberry Home is a trade-only wholesaler supplying to retailers via a cash and carry warehouse and online.
Business Type: Wholesaler
Address: Mullberry Home, 196 Broad Street, Blue Ball, PA 17506, United States
Phone: (717) 351-0017
Min Order: $100
Membership Fee: None

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Home & Garden (Home Decor & Accessories – Ornaments & Furnishings, Soft Furnishings & Textiles, Figurines & Sculptures) (Kitchenware & Cookware) (Garden & Patio), Giftware & Party (Household Gifts) (Gift Bags & Giftwrap)
Home Decor – Ornaments, figurines, wall decor, signs, lamps, lanterns, baskets, plates, trays, kitchenware, jugs, pots, containers, textiles
Additional Products – Floral supplies, garden ornaments, garden accessories, gift bags, stationery