Lox Handbag Factory

Manufacturer, Wholesaler – Dongguan, China
Lox Handbag Factory is a specialist manufacturer and wholesaler of stylish womens fashion bags and handbags, as well as shopping bags, makeup bags and travel bags. With a state-of-the-art factory based in Dongguan and reliable production equipment verified by previous trading partners including Avon, Disney and Primark, Lox Handbag Factory is a well-established leader in the fashion bag production industry. Whether you own a physical retail store or an online fashion boutique, Lox Handbag Factory is the perfect supplier.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Address: LOX HANDBAG CO, No.2. 3nd alley. HengJiang East. Fushan. Liaobu, Dongguan City, China
Phone: 0086-1380-9641-347
Min Order: Varies
Membership Fee: None

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