Honcho Wholesale

Wholesaler – Chicago, United States (USA)
Honcho Wholesale is a leading US-Based supplier of liquidation, bankrupt and clearance stock with a specialisation in ex-chainstore womens clothing, fashion accessories and shoes, as well as health and beauty supplies. With a growing selection of one-off job lots available to purchase in small cases or large pallet loads, Honcho Wholesale is the perfect supplier for online retailers of all sizes, including eBay and Amazon sellers or boutique store owners. From stylish womens dresses to mixed job lot shoes, boots and footwear, Honcho Wholesale has something for every fashion or apparel reseller.
Business Type: Wholesaler
Address: Honcho Wholesale, N Springfield Ave 1919, 60647, Chicago, United States
Phone: 1.800.915.8045
Min Order: (Cases & Pallets)
Membership Fee: None

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Liquidation, Bankrupt & Clearance Stock, Job Lots & Bulk Lots, Clothing & Fashion (Womens Clothing) (Footwear & Shoes) (Womens Shoes & Footwear), Health & Beauty
Liquidation Lots – Womens clothing, womens shoes, dresses, tops, tshirts, boots, beauty supplies, health supplies