Hartmann Variety

Wholesaler – Illinois, United States (USA)
Specialising in closeouts, surplus and bankrupt stock, Hartmann Variety has been the wholesale source for branded DIY tools and accessories since 2002. Hartmann Variety’s product range includes drill accessories, assortments, automotive supplies, hand tools, power tools, sandpaper, saw blades, tool storage and apparel. Hartmann Variety is a family-owned business committing to supplying resellers with the lowest prices possible.
Business Type: Wholesaler
Address: Hartmann Variety, 8305 W. 183rd Place, Suite 101, Tinley Park, IL 60423
Phone: (708) 342-1681
Min Order: $50
Membership Fee: None

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DIY & Tools (Hardware)
Hand Tools – Clamps, electrical tools, hammers, measuring tools, painting tools, screwdrivers, screwdriver sets, pliers, work lights, work lanterns, laser measurers, flashlights, torches, mallets, spirit levels, driver sets, hand saws, ratchets, tile nippers, markers
Power Tools – Hammerdrills, electric saws, electric drills, power tool accessories
Automotive – Mechanics tools, sockets, wrenches, auto body repair tools, extension bars, socket bits, driver sets, wrench sets
Assortments – Drill bits, socket adapters, masonry bits, bit sets, jig saw blades, mixed lots, mixed assortments
Drill Accessories – Drill bits, bit sets, extensions, torxs, bulk drill bits, nutsetters, power bit sets
Additional Products – Sandpaper, saw blades, safety gloves, safety glasses, hi visibility vests, tool bags, tool storage