Garrison Dales

Wholesaler – Worcestershire, United Kingdom (UK)
Founded in 1980, Garrison Dales is a direct importer and wholesaler of high quality DIY tools, hardware, industrial tools and consumables. Garrison Dales currently supply over 2000 merchants across the UK. Products include power tool accessories, hand tools, workwear, hardware, electrical equipment, fixing supplies, drill bits and more. Garrison Dales is a genuine wholesaler for genuine resellers only.
Business Type: Wholesaler
Address: Garrison Dales Limited , Unit 4 Wassage Court, Wassage Way , Hampton Lovett Industrial Estate , Droitwich & Worcestershire,, WR9 0NX
Phone: 01905 794555
Min Order: Not available
Membership Fee: None

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DIY & Tools (Hardware)
Power Tool Accessories – Jigsaw blades, reciprocating blades, angled chucks, drill chucks, adhesive discs, circular sawblades, cutting discs, diamond discs, metal cutting, mortal raking, planer, blades, wood cutting, multi tool blades, adaptors, screwdriver bits, screwdriver bit sets, wire brushes
Hand Tools – Builders tools, string lines, trowels, cutting tools, hacksaws, handsaws, knives, knife blades, scrapers, sharpeners, shears, pipe cutters, files, punches, hammers, nail pullers, pry bars, measuring tools, markers, chalk markers, ink markers, marking tools, measuring squares, rulers, spirit levels, tape measures, adjustable wrenches, bolt cutters, clamps, locking pliers, pliers, podgers, ratchet spanners, join pliers, snips, sockets, hex key sets, screwdrivers, screwdriver sets, wood planes, wood chisels
Workwear – Body protection, knee pads, safety footwear, work footwear, harnesses, karabiner, lanyards, first aid supplies, work gloves, safety gloves, dust masks, ear defenders, hard hats, safety glasses, safety goggles, hi viz clothing, overalls, work clothing
Hardware – Adhesives, decorating products, paining tools, garden equipment, ratchets, ladder clamps, security chains, padlocks, body warmers, clean up bags, hand cleaners, paper cloth, rope, suction cups, ironmongery
Electrical Equipment – Batteries, electrical accessories, cable ties, extension cables, leads, plugs, sockets, lamps, torches, flashlights, bulbs, work lights
Additional Products – Fixings, fixing tools, nails, cartridges, screws, drill bits