Fragrance Net

Wholesaler, Dropshipper – New York, United States (USA)
Based in the USA, Fragrance Net is a trusted online supplier of branded health, beauty, fragrance and giftware products including perfumes, aftershaves, makeup, skincare products, haircare products, aromatherapy products, candles, giftsets and more. Fragrance Net have both a dropshipping and wholesale trade only program.
Business Type: Wholesaler, Dropshipper
Address:, Inc, 900 Grand Blvd., Deer Park, NY 11729
Phone: 1-800-727-3867
Min Order: None
Membership Fee: None

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Health & Beauty (Makeup & Cosmetics) (Fragrances & Perfume) (Skincare & Body Care) (Hair Care & Styling), Hair Accessories, Giftware & Party
Fragrances – Womens perfume, mens aftershaves, deodorants, body lotion, body creams, fragrance sets, perfume sets, aftershave sets
Skincare – Shower gels, bubble baths, body treatments, oil treatments, eye concentrate, eye contour cream, anti-ageing products, wrinkle creams, eye serum, face wash, foot cream, hand cream, lip balm
Makeup – Mascara, concealer, eyebrow enhancer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eye pencils, blusher, bronzer, foundation, primer, luminizer, mineral makeup, powder makeup, lip balm, lip gloss, lip liner, lip tint, nail clippers, nail polish, nail treatment, makeup remover, makeup pallets, makeup sets, makeup tools, makeup accessories, tweezers, face brushes, makeup brushes
Haircare – Shampoos, conditioners, hair dye, hair colouring, hair loss treatments, hair styling products, hair accessories, hair styling tools, creams, lotions, gels, hair spray, mousse, foam, waxes
Aromatherapy – Essential oils, massage oils, bath oils, body oils, soaps, cleansers, creams, gels, lotions, face masks, mud masks, minerals, salts, pomades, waxes
Giftware – Candles, gift sets, beauty sets, perfume sets, makeup sets