Easync is a complete dropshipping automation software solution for eBay and Shopify, featuring a super-fast Chrome Lister extension, 15 minute price/stock monitoring and automatic product ordering, as well as an innovative hot selling products finder tool. Managing over 20k online stores and more than 7M listings, Easync is a proven, low-cost and efficient software, perfect for newbie dropshippers or arbitrage sellers.

Compatibility: eBay (US/UK/CA/FR/DE/AU/ES/IT), Amazon (US/UK/CA/FR/DE/ES), Shopify (Global), ScaleHat (Global)
Suppliers: 12 (US), 1 (UK)
Price: From $15 / month (10-Day Trial)

Key Features:
  Ultra-fast Chrome lister extension with full data (description/images) upload
  15-minute inventory monitoring with automatic price/stock updating
  Detailed performance statistics including sell through rate (STR) and profits
  Instant and automated product ordering and tracking info updates
  Best-selling products database with AI pricing to undercut competitors

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Pricing Overview

500 Listings – $15 / month
2k Listings – $49 / month
5k Listings – $149 / month
10k Listings – $299 / month
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