DSM Tool is a complete eBay and Shopify dropshipping automation software featuring an innovative product search tool, rapid lister and 60-minute repricer, as well as a bulk lister and auto-ordering service. Compatible with over 50 top dropshipping suppliers and featuring millions of trending products in every major category, DSM Tool is a true all-in-one solution for building a fully automated dropship business. Additional features include automated customer messaging, advanced repricing strategies and a state-of-the-art dropshipping learning portal.

  • Compatibility: Shopify, eBay (US/UK/FR/DE/IT/AU)
  • Suppliers: 41 (US), 22 (UK), 14 (CA,  9 (CN) +4 more
  • Price: From $24.97 / month (25 Free Listings) – Yearly discounts available

  • Over 50 leading dropshipping suppliers and millions of trending products
  • Create professional listings on eBay or Shopify in bulk or individually
  • 60-minute inventory monitoring and automated stock/price updating
  • Fully automated order processing and tracking information uploads
  • Manage orders, listings and inventory from one central dashboard
  • Detailed performance analytics including total sales and profits
  • Free plan for 25 AliExpress product listing and unlimited orders

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What is DSM Tool?

Founded in 2016 by a team of dropshipping experts, DSM Tool is a powerful all-in-one dropshipping management solution and automation software for finding dropshipping products, creating new listings and managing inventory on popular online selling channels including eBay and Shopify. In fact, DSM Tool allows you to completely automate the most time-consuming aspects of running a dropshipping business including monitoring inventory and fulfilling orders, as well as creating high-converting listings on eBay or Shopify.

With a growing collection of free guides and resources including a free and comprehensive A to Z training program for beginners, DSM Tool is also an innovative online learning platform. Whether you’re a dropshipping newbie or ecommerce veteran, DSM Tool provides you with everything you need to build a fully scalable and successful dropshipping business including automation tools, management tools and professional video training tutorials.

Features & Benefits

DSM Tool has an extensive list of innovative features and benefits. From a rapid product lister to 60-minute price monitoring and automated order fulfilment, as well as an intuitive Chrome browser extension and sales portal for managing orders and tracking profits, everything you need to grow and manage your dropshipping business can be found in the user-friendly DSM Tool dashboard. DSM Tool also features a well-established help center and YouTube channel which is packed full of step-by-step guides and tutorials for learning how to use the software.

  • Over 50 compatible dropshipping suppliers from the US, UK, EU & China
  • Powerful rapid listed tool for creating professional product listings in minutes
  • Fully automated inventory management including price and stock monitoring
  • User-friendly dashboard with simple admin setting and product repricing rules
  • Manage customer orders and track sales and profit margins from one location
  • Innovative Chrome browser extension for creating bulk listings in seconds
  • Large selection of professional designed and high-converting listing templates
  • Free plan for 25 listings with premium plans starting at only $24.97/month

Pros & Cons

It’s no secret that DSM Tool has a wide range of powerful features. However, it also has a small number of disadvantages which need to be considered. From a lack of genuine wholesale suppliers to having no (non-API) eBay version, DSM Tool is not the best dropshipping solution for everyone. In fact, DSM Tool is mostly suited to US or UK sellers who are looking to dropship on eBay or Shopify in the US, UK or EU. For further clarification, here is a list of the main pros and cons of using DSM Tool to build a dropshipping business.


  • Compatible with over 50 (US/UK/China) suppliers
  • All-in-one solution for creating listing and repricing
  • 25 free AliExpress listings with low-cost paid plans
  • State-of-the-art Google Chrome browser extension 
  • Reliable software created by dropshipping experts
  • Regularly updated with new features and suppliers
  • Fully automated and semi-auto ordering available
  • Integrates directly with your eBay or Shopify store


  • Only 2 compatible selling channels to choose from
  • Lots of retail suppliers with above wholesale prices
  • Lack of a non-API version for dropshipping on eBay
  • Mostly US and UK suppliers with lack of EU sources

Compatible Suppliers

DSM Tool is compatible with more than 50 leading dropshipping suppliers and retailers, most of which are based in the US, UK and Canada. Whether you’re looking to sell clothing, pet supplies or electronics, DSM Tool has a supplier to suit. It’s important to note that while most of the suppliers are retailers such as Amazon, Walmart and Target, DSM Tool has a growing selection of genuine wholesalers or trade-only dropshipping suppliers including CJ Dropshipping, TVC Mall, Chinavasion, ChinaBrands and Banggood.

  • United States (41)
  • United Kingdom (22)
  • Canada (14)
  • China (9)
  • Europe (5)

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Compatible Selling Channels

DSM Tool integrates directly with eBay UK/US/EU and Shopify for automated listing, repricing and sales management. eBay is the most popular online marketplace for dropshipping, whereas Shopify is the most popular store building platform for dropshipping. Whether you want to build your own ecommerce website using Shopify or harness the massive existing network of eBay buyers, DSM Tool is the perfect dropshipping platform.

  • eBay (US/UK/CA/EU)
  • Shopify (Global)

Usage & Settings

DSM Tool is easy to use with well-structured settings and features. After creating an account, you’ll be redirected to the main DSM Tool dashboard where you can manage your entire dropshipping business from one central dashboard including listings, sales and orders. The first step is to connect your preferred selling channel (eBay or Shopify) by following the onscreen instructions. Once you have connected your selling channel, you can start to explore and configure the repricing and listing settings within the DSM Tool dashboard.

In the account settings area, you can manage the repricing options as well as enable certain features and capabilities such as pricing rounding, automated item specifics and email alerts for underperforming listings. You can also manage and edit your eBay listing templates, as well as configure advanced pricing strategies, grant access to virtual assistants and set out of stock options for individual suppliers including Amazon.

When it comes to creating listings, simply navigate to the Rapid Lister section of your DSM Tool dashboard. Here you can simply copy and paste the website URL of any product on any of the compatible suppliers websites. DSM Tool will automatically import all product data including the images and description to create a new listing on your selling channel. Alternatively, you can use the Chrome extension to quickly select and import products to the Rapid Lister tool.

Processing orders using DSM Tool is quick and easy. You can either purchase credits to fully automate order fulfilment with various supplier including Amazon, AliExpress and Walmart, or you can semi-auto fulfil orders within the Sales & Orders section of the DSM Tool dashboard after installing the Chrome browser extension. Alternatively, you can process orders manually by purchasing the items directly from the supplier.

Aside from a suite of powerful automation and management features, DSM Tool also has a huge selection of free guides and tutorials including an exclusive A to Z training program for dropshipping beginners. Simply click the Learn Dropshipping menu item from within the DSM Tool dashboard and you will be redirected to the A to Z training course which is made up of more than 30 step-by-step video tutorials.

Demo & Screenshots

In this quick demo, I’m going to show you how to list a product for sale on eBay using DSM Tool. Before listing an item, there are a few essentials that need to be configured first. After creating a free account, login to DSM Tool and connect your eBay or Shopify store by following the onscreen prompt and instructions. If you’re not prompted to connect your store, navigate to the Settings > General section of the dashboard and manually select the store you want to connect. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process of connecting eBay or Shopify to DSM Tool.

After connecting your eBay or Shopify store, make sure you configure your repricing settings and out of stock options, as well as your business policies from within the Settings section of the DSM Tool dashboard. Please refer to the DSM Tool documentation or on-screen information hints for step-by-step instructions. For the purpose of this demo, we’re going to assume the repricing and listing settings have been configured.

When it comes to creating a listing, you can either use the Chrome extension or copy/paste the product URL into the Rapid Lister within the DSM Tool dashboard. In this case, I’m going to be listing a product from AliExpress to eBay by copy and pasting the product URL. After clicking the import button, DSM Tool will automatically import all product data including images, description and item specifics. DSM Tool will also format the listing depending on the selected template and set a selling price based on your profit percentage and settings.

The next step is to review the product information and add any additional details as required. Once you’re happy with the listing, simply click the Publish Now button and DSM Tool will automatically push the listing to eBay or Shopify on your behalf. Alternatively, you can schedule the listing to be published on a specific date and time. It really is that simple to create new listings on eBay or Shopify using DSM Tool. With the paid plans, you can use the Bulk Lister to copy and paste multiple products URLs and create more listings quickly.

Alternatively, you can download and install the DSM Tool Chrome browser extension which will allow you to quickly select multiple products and import them to the Rapid Lister in just a few clicks. Installing the Chrome browser extension will also enable semi-automated order processing and automated tracking information uploads, allowing you to process customer orders and manage your dropshipping business much more efficiently.

Once you have started to generate sales on your selling channel, the orders will be automatically imported to your DSM Tool account in real-time. You can find and manage the orders, as well as view comprehensive data such as selling fees and profit margins from within the Sales & Orders section of your DSM Tool dashboard. From within this section, you can also mark orders as dispatched, upload tracking info and view monthly best sellers.

Additional Features

DSM Tool has a number of additional features and settings which are both innovative and unique to the platform. In fact, DSM Tool is one of the most feature-rich dropshipping solutions on the market. When it comes to creating listings on eBay, DSM Tool is one of the only dropshipping solutions to automatically include meta tags, item specifics and variations. DSM Tool also has an extensive range of professional eBay listing templates for both free and paid members. Here is a list of the best additional features of DSM Tool.

  • Growing network of dropshipping suppliers with an exclusive wholesale agreement
  • Automatically increase your selling prices or profit margins after generating a sale
  • Add a company logo or watermark to product images before listing them on eBay
  • Quickly find hot keywords and optimise listing titles to increase clicks and traffic
  • Automatically convert Amazon logistics tracking to Bluecare express tracking
  • Spin product descriptions to create unique content and improve SEO (credits)
  • Meta tags and item specifics are automatically added to product descriptions 
  • Auto save listings as drafts and schedule listings to be published over time
  • Supports multiple product variations including colour, size, material and type

Pricing & Billing

DSM Tool is a very affordable and low-cost dropshipping platform with a free plan for 25 AliExpress product listings and a basic plan for 600 listings starting at only $24.97/month. All plans include access to over 50 dropshipping suppliers, unlimited 60-minute inventory monitoring and unlimited customer orders, as well as access to the rapid lister tool and Chrome extension. Discounts of up to 20% or more are available when paying yearly. When it comes to automated order processing and tracking info uploads, DSM Tool uses a credits system with 1 credit costing between $0.20-$0.40 depending on the quantity purchased.

Monthly Pricing

  • 25 Listings (AliExpress) – Free (Starter Plan)
  • 600 Listings – $24.97/month (Basic Plan)
  • 5000 Listings – $99.97/month (Business Plan)
  • 25,000 Listings – $499.97/month (Enterprise)

Yearly Pricing

  • 25 Listings (AliExpress) – Free (Starter Plan)
  • 600 Listings – $19.97/month (20% Discount)
  • 5000 Listings – $79.97/month (20% Discount)
  • 25,000 Listings – $399.97/month (20% Discount)

Pricing Summary: With a free plan and multiple low-cost monthly plans starting at less than $25, DSM Tool is one of the most reasonably priced dropshipping solutions on the market. In fact, DSM Tool is the perfect dropshipping solution for newbies with a limited budget or small eBay sellers. However, with plans for managing and repricing up to 25,000 listings, DSM Tool is also suitable for more established sellers with existing sales and customers.

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Final Conclusion

DSM Tool is a highly reliable and effective dropshipping software which is trusted by more than 200,000 ecommerce sellers globally. DSM Tool is also extremely low-cost and reasonably priced with a free plan for 25 product listings and unlimited orders. While the software lacks a non-API version and more compatible selling channels, it excels in features and benefits. In fact, DSM Tool provides an all-in-one solution for building and managing a dropshipping business from one central location and for a low, fixed monthly fee.

Getting Started

To get started, simply visit the DSM Tool website and create a free account using Facebook, Google or your email address. After signing up, you’ll be able to access the DSM Tool dashboard and connect your preferred selling channel. The free plan allows you to create up to 25 listings on eBay or Shopify, as well as access most of the DSM Tool features. However, if you want to list more than 25 products or access features such as the Chrome extension, you will need to upgrade your account to a paid monthly subscription.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) cover everything related to using DSM Tool for dropshipping. If you have any additional questions or need some assistance, please visit the DSM Tool website for live chat and email support. You may also want to visit the DSM Tool help desk or YouTube channel for comprehensive video demos and guides. Keep in mind, it’s completely free to join DS Tool and test drive the features without inputting credit card details.

What suppliers is DSM Tool compatible with?

From retailers such as Amazon, Target and Walmart to leading wholesale and dropshipping suppliers including CJ Dropshipping, Chinavasion, TVC Mall and ChinaBrands, DSM Tool is compatible with more than 50 different suppliers. Most of the suppliers are located in the United States or have a local US-based warehouse, with around 20 in the UK and a handful in the EU and China. For a full list of compatible suppliers, please visit the DSM Tool website.

What selling platforms is DSM Tool compatible with?

DSM Tool is compatible with eBay US/UK/EU and Shopify. Therefore, whether you’re looking to build your own ecommerce store or quickly start selling products on eBay, DSM Tool is the perfect solution. While no plans have been officially announced, DSM Tool is expected to eventually expand and introduce other selling channels such as Amazon, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Facebook Marketplace.

Is DSM Tool easy to use?

DSM Tool is very easy to use thanks to the well-structured and simplistic user-dashboard. From creating new listings to configuring your repricing settings, as well as processing orders and tracking sales, everything can be managed from within your DSM Tool dashboard. In fact, DSM Tool is one of the most clean and user-friendly dropshipping solutions on the market, mainly because it was designed by dropshippers for dropshippers.

How do I create new listings with DSM Tool?

You can create new listings with DSM Tool using the powerful Rapid Lister tool within the dashboard. Simply use the Chrome browser extension to select and import products to the rapid lister or manually copy and paste the product URLs directly into the Rapid Lister. DSM Tool will automatically import all product data including images and descriptions to create a new listing on your selling channel. The software will also automatically set a selling price based on your preconfigured repricing settings and out of stock options.

Does DSM Tool monitor stock and prices?

Yes, DSM Tool monitors stock/prices every 60-minutes and automatically updates your listings when changes are detected. For example, if your supplier runs out of stock, DSM Tool will automatically place your eBay or Shopify listing out of stock within 60 minutes or less, thus preventing over-selling. If the item has raised in price, DSM Tool will automatically set a new selling price to ensure you always generate a profit on sales. DSM Tool has many additional repricing and stock management features which are unique to the platform including the ability to increase your selling price after generating a sale or set a default minimum available quantity.

How much does DSM Tool cost?

DSM Tool has a free plan for 25 listings with premium plans for more listings and features starting at $24.97/month. All plans include unlimited sales and 60-minute inventory monitoring, as well as a suite of additional benefits. Exclusive discounts of up to 20% or more can be secured by paying for your membership annually. For example, the monthly cost for the basic plan would be $19.97 rather than $24.97/month when paid yearly.

Does DSM Tool have a free plan?

Yes, DSM Tool has a free plan which includes 25 product listings and unlimited orders, as well as 60-minute inventory management, semi-automated order processing and automated restocking. Therefore, if you’re looking to test drive the software, or if you’re a small ecommerce seller with only a few listings, you can start using DSM Tool for completely free and without having to input credit card details.

Is DSM Tool safe to use for eBay dropshipping?

Dropshipping automation solutions such as DSM Tool are generally safe to use when selling on eBay. However, it’s important to note that selling a product on eBay and then sourcing it from another retailer (retail arbitrage) is not allowed on eBay. Therefore, to prevent any issues with your eBay seller account in the future, it’s important to source from genuine wholesalers or trade-only dropshipping suppliers. DSM Tool is compatible with more than 50 suppliers including many leading wholesale companies such as TVC Mall, Chinavason and ChinaBrands.

Is DSM Tool compatible with Amazon?

Unfortunately, DSM Tool is not compatible with the Amazon marketplace. DSM Tool is only compatible with eBay and Shopify. However, as with most dropshipping software solutions, DSM Tool will most likely introduce compatibility with other platforms such as Amazon and WooCommerce in the future. In fact, DSM Tool was originally compatible with only eBay, later introducing Shopify at some point in 2019.

Is DSM Tool good for UK sellers?

DSM Tool is a great dropshipping solution for UK-based sellers as it’s fully compatible with the UK version of eBay, as well as more than 20 leading UK-based dropshipping suppliers including Banggood UK. Therefore, all of the most important DSM Tool features including the rapid lister and automated inventory management system are fully compatible with eBay UK. With DSM Tool, you can seamlessly source from multiple UK-based dropshipping suppliers or retailers and sell on eBay UK or your own Shopify store.

How does the DSM Tool Chrome extension work?

The DSM Tool Chrome extension is a powerful tool which allows you to quickly select and import products from multiple suppliers to the Rapid Lister for quick publishing to eBay or your online store. The Chrome extension also allows for semi-automated order fulfilment by auto-pasting the customers shipping details during checkout. Quite simply, the Chrome extension further enhances the features of DSM Tool and allows you to completely streamline the process of creating listings and fulfilling orders.

How do I connect DSM Tool to my online store?

After creating a free DSM Tool account and logging in, you should be prompted to connect your eBay or Shopify store. If not, simply navigate to the Settings > General section and scroll down the page until you see the eBay and Shopify section. Simply click the logo of your preferred selling channel and follow the onscreen instructions to connect your store. You should also input your PayPal email address and personal details such as default currency.

Can I import existing listings?

Yes, DSM Tool allows you to quickly import existing listings from other repricing or automation software including SkuGrid, PriceYak and Easync. You can also import your existing eBay or Amazon listings for repricing and inventory management. Please visit the DSM Tool website or contact the support team through live chat or email for more information on importing existing listings or switching from another repricing software.

Does DSM Tool have auto ordering?

Yes, DSM Tool has auto ordering available for a select number of suppliers including Amazon, AliExpress and Walmart. Credits are required to use auto ordering with 1 credit costing between $0.20-$0.40 depending on the total quantity purchased. Alternatively, you can enable semi-automated ordering by installing the Chrome extension. Once installed, you will be able to process customers orders through the DSM Tool dashboard in a few clicks using auto-pasting.

Does DSM Tool provide listing templates for eBay?

Yes, DSM Tool provides a collection of professionally designed templates for creating stunning eBay listings, including basic templates for free users and exclusive templates for professional (paid) users, as well as a selection of (optional) premium templates for as little as $14.97. The DSM Tool templates are exclusive to the platform and have been expertly designed to be high-converting and mobile responsive, as well as clean and fast-loading.

How do I maximise my sales with DSM Tool?

DSM Tool has a suite of powerful features for maximising your sales and profits. With DSM Tool, you can enable dashboard alerts for items that have been out of stock for a long period of time or generated no sales. You can also configure advanced pricing strategies including automatically increasing or decreasing your selling price after generating a sale, as well as automatically relisting sold items. Quite simply, DSM Tool has many advanced setting and options which allow you to maximise sales by fine-tuning your product range, listing performance and selling strategy.

What are some DSM Tool alternatives?

Hustle Got Real and SkuGrid are the best alternatives to DSM Tool as they have similar features and are also very low-cost solutions. However, there are many other alternatives to DSM Tool including dropshipping marketplaces such as Spocket and Syncee. Please refer to our list of the best dropshipping software solutions for more information.

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