Wholesaler, Dropshipper – Shenzhen, China
Founded in 2008, Cellmost is one of China’s leading wholesalers of mobile phone accessories, tech gadgets and smart electronics including wireless chargers, power banks, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, smartwatches, IP cameras, video doorbells, TV boxes and media players, as well as smartphone cases, covers, stands, holders, mounts and cables. With a strong focus on product quality and customer satisfaction, Cellmost quickly established itself as a leader in the mobile phone accessories industry, generating sales in excess of $10 million in 2012 and becoming a trusted ISO-9001 qualified company, while also becoming proficient in ODM and OEM operations. Providing fast 24-72 hour dispatch times and reliable, low-cost shipping to all corners of the globe, Cellmost is a first choice for thousands of independent retailers and ecommerce business owners worldwide.
Main Products: mobile phone accessories, electronic gadgets, smart gadgets, wireless chargers, power banks, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, smartwatches, TV boxes, IP cameras, video doorbells, LED lights, phone cases, covers, mounts …browse all products >
Electronics & Accessories (Mobiles & Tablets) (Mobile Phone Accessories)(Tablet Accessories) (Computers, PCs & Laptops) (Smart Gadgets & Accessories) (Wireless & Bluetooth Gadgets) (Smartwatches & Accessories)
Mobile Phone Accessories – Cases, covers, sleeves, wallets, screen protectors, wireless chargers, wall chargers, cables, leads, stands, mounts, holders, ring holders, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth accessories, charging stations, docks, fisheye lens kits, tripods, selfie sticks
Smart Gadgets & Electronics Accessories – Power banks, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth earphones, wireless headphones, Wi-Fi IP cameras, video doorbells, smartwatches, LED lights, projectors, mp3 players, mp4 players, digital voice recorders, wireless cameras, CCTV cameras, TV boxes, media boxes, VR headsets, gaming pads, joysticks, RC drones, FM transmitters, Bluetooth car chargers, digital radios, LED lights, night lights, wireless lights, light strips,
Additional Products – Tablet accessories, PC accessories, laptop accessories, keyboards, mice, usb gadgets, flash drives, memory cards, wireless routers, laptop bags, USB hubs, car electronics, smartwatch accessories

Business Type: Wholesaler, Dropshipper
Address: Cellmost, 9/F, Shenzhou Building, Beier Road 2, BanTian Avenue, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518000
Phone: 0086 18123989825
Min Order: None (Quantity Discounts)
Membership Fee: None

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