Boss Pet

Manufacturer, Wholesaler – Ohio, United States (USA)
Founded in 1936, USA based Boss Pet is a long-established manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of high quality pet products including pet clothing, apparel, collars, leads, toys, restraints, tethering devices, feeding bowls, treats and more. Boss Pet carry some of the biggest brand names around including KONG and Loving Pets.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Address: 7730 1st Place, Suite E, Oakwood Village, OH 44146
Phone: 1-800-445-6347
Min Order: Varies
Membership Fee: None

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Pet Supplies (Dogs) (Cats)
Apparel & Clothing – Coats, jackets, life jackets, pyjamas, sweaters, vests
Cables & Tethering – Anchors, stakes, combos, tie-outs, trolley system
Collars & Leads – Collars, chains, leashes, harnesses, leads
Toys – Cat toys, dogs toys, chompers, interactive toys, kongs, plush toys, rope toys, rubber toys
Grooming & Waste Disposal – Shampoos, wipes, deodorizing sprays, nail trimmers, nail clippers, waste bags, bag dispensers, litter mats, toilet aids
Bowls & Accessories – Bowls, dishes, feeding accessories, pet food storage, stainless dishes, water bottles, food supplements
Treats – Munchy treats, bones, chew sticks, chew bones
Travel – Water bottles, travel bowls