Bestway Wholesale

Wholesaler – London, United Kingdom (UK)
Established over 40 years ago, Bestway Wholesale is the UK’s largest independent food and drinks wholesaler, supplying branded food products to over 70,000 retailers, convenience stores and small shops across the country. Part of the larger Bestway Group which includes Best-one retail stores and bestpets online, Bestway Wholesale is an established, reputable and trusted wholesaler with a massive 2.5bn annual turnover and unmatched buying power. Bestway Wholesale’s vast range includes canned foods, dried foods, baked foods, frozen foods, fresh foods, pet food, ready meals, soft drinks, confectionery, sweets, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, tobacco and more.
Business Type: Wholesaler
Address: Bestway Wholesale Ltd, Bestway Northern Limited, 2 Abbey Road, Park Royal, London NW10 7BW, UK
Phone: 020 8453 1234
Min Order: Varies
Membership Fee: None

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Food, Grocery & Drinks (Alcoholic Drinks), Sweets & Confectionery, Pet Supplies (Pet Food), Cigarettes & Tobacco
Food, Grocery & Drinks – Biscuits, canned foods, canned fruit, canned meat, canned vag, breakfast cereals, condiments, cooking sauces, crisps, snacks, deserts, dried pasta, noodles, dried veg, gravy, homebake foods, hot beverages, pickles, ready meals, frozen foods, ice cream, meat, poultry, pancakes, potatoes, seafood, frozen veg, frozen deserts, soft drinks, soup, sugar, sweeteners
Sweets & Confectionery – Bagged sweets, chocolate bars, chocolate boxes, chewing gum, chocolate sweets, kids sweets, lolly pops, mints, toffee, fudges, sugar rolls
Pet Foods – Bird food, cat treats, cat food, dog food, fish food, small animal food, pet treats, pet snacks
Additional Products: Toiletries, alcoholic drinks, beers, wines, spirits, cigarettes, tobacco, disposables