From creating listings to updating inventory, processing orders and dealing with customers, managing a dropshipping business takes a lot of time and effort.

Fortunately, there is an easier way to streamline your dropshipping business by using management software to automate the day-to-day operations including repricing listings, monitoring stock, fulfilling orders and uploading tracking information.

Here you will find a list of the 11 best dropshipping management tools for selling on popular ecommerce channels including eBay, Amazon, Shopify and WooCommerce.

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  1. Wholesale2b – All-in-one dropshipping management platform and directory
  2. Hustle Got Real – #1 dropshipping management platform for eBay/Amazon
  3. SkuGrid – Low-cost dropshipping automation solution for all selling channels
  4. Inventory Source – Premium dropship management tool and supplier network
  5. DSM Tool – The original dropshipping management tool for eBay/Shopify
  6. AutoDS – Complete product sourcing and dropship automation software
  7. Syncee – Innovative dropshipping marketplace and management platform
  8. PriceYak – Free dropshipping management software for eBay and Amazon
  9. Spocket – Dropshipping marketplace and inventory automation software
  10. AliDropship – #1 WooCommerce dropshipping management plugin
  11. Oberlo – Budget-friendly dropshipping tool for Shopify and AliExpress

1. Wholesale2b

With more than 150,000 members and over 100 million synched products, Wholesale2b is one of the most popular dropshipping management platform for selling on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce and 5 other top ecommerce selling channels.

Featuring direct integration with 100+ leading US-based dropshipping suppliers and 1-click product importing, as well as automated inventory monitoring and order fulfillment, Wholesale2b is a true all-in-one dropshipping solution.

Simply browse the massive range of more than 1 million products for true wholesale prices and instantly import them to your online store or marketplace. Wholesale2b will automatically sync inventory and prices so you can focus on driving sales and dealing with customers.

  • Compatibility: eBay, Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce +5 more
  • Suppliers: 100 (USA), 12 (China) – All categories and niches
  • Pricing: From $29.99/month (free access to directory)
  • Features: Inventory Sync, Auto Ordering, 1-Click Importing

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2. Hustle Got Real

Trusted by more than 10,000 users, Hustle Got Real is a highly reliable and ultra-modern dropshipping management tool for selling on eBay, Amazon or Shopify.

Hustle Got Real features a powerful Chrome browser extension and innovative product catalogue for quickly listing items from more than 150 leading dropshipping suppliers, most of which are based in the UK and USA, with around 10 in the EU.

Additional features of HGR include automated inventory management, flexible pricing rules for each supplier and a non-API solution for dropshipping on eBay, as well as a low-cost listing creation service, auto order fulfillment and bulk title optimiser.

  • Compatibility: eBay, Amazon, Shopify (WooCommerce coming soon)
  • Suppliers: 77 (UK), 21 (USA), 10+ (EU) – All categories
  • Pricing: From £19/month (10 free listings)
  • Features: Automated Repricing, Chrome Lister, Non-API

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3. SkuGrid

SkuGrid is one of the most budget-friendly dropshipping management tools on the market. Starting at only $14.99/month, SkuGrid includes automated repricing, inventory notifications and direct importing from more than 800 trusted suppliers in the US, UK, EU and China.

Whether you’re looking to sell kids toys, pet supplies, clothing or electronics, SkuGrid has a supplier to suit. SkuGrid is also compatible with more than 5 ecommerce channels including eBay and Amazon, as well as Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce.

When it comes to pricing and features, SkuGrid is unmatched. The 7-day trial allows you to test the platform and start importing products to your store or marketplace for free.

  • Compatibility: eBay, Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce +6 more
  • Suppliers: 520 (USA), 190 (UK), 80+ (EU) – All categories
  • Pricing: From $14.99/month (7-day free trial)
  • Features: 800 Suppliers, Inventory Automation, Email Alerts

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4. Inventory Source

Inventory Source is a professional dropshipping management tool and integrated supplier network with more than 200 leading US-based wholesale companies and thousands of high-quality products for the lowest (trade-only) prices.

Access to the directory of trusted dropshipping suppliers is free, while premium membership starts at $99/month and includes automated product uploads, inventory syncing and order fulfillment on virtually any online store or marketplace.

Simply browse the directory and start uploading products to your ecommerce selling channel in just a few clicks. Inventory Source integrates directly with eBay, Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and more than 20 other popular platforms.

  • Compatibility: eBay, Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce +20 more
  • Suppliers: 224 (USA), 6 (UK), 2 (China)
  • Pricing: From $99/month (free access to directory)
  • Features: Automated Repricing, 20+ Selling Channels

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5. DSM Tool

DSM Tool is an ultra-modern dropshipping management platform and one of the original solutions for listing, repricing and monitoring dropship products on eBay or Shopify.

With more than 50 top suppliers and millions of products in every major category, as well as bulk listing and 60-minute inventory monitoring, DSM Tool is a true all-in-one solution, perfect for those who are looking to build a fully-automated ecommerce business.

The free plan includes 25 product listings with automated price and stock management. Premium membership starts from $19.97 and includes more listings, suppliers and features such as bulk listing, auto-paste order fulfillment and multiple linked stores.

  • Compatibility: eBay (UK/US/ES/FR/IT/DE), Shopify
  • Suppliers: 37 (USA), 20 (UK), 12 (CA), 12 (CN)
  • Pricing: From $19.97/month (25 free listings)
  • Features: Auto Repricing, Bulk Listing, Product Finder

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6. AutoDS

AutoDS is a complete dropshipping management software for eBay, Shopify and Facebook, as well as an innovative dropshipping research tool for finding winning products.

With AutoDS, you can quickly find and import best-selling dropshipping products from more than 20 reputable suppliers to your online store, marketplace or Facebook in one-click.

Automated inventory monitoring, order fulfillment and tracking uploads, along with a single user-dashboard for managing orders, customers and returns are just a few reasons why AutoDS is widely considered one of the most effective solution for dropshipping automation.

  • Compatibility: eBay, Shopify, Facebook Marketplace
  • Suppliers: 22 (USA), 7 (UK), 7 (CN), 2 (CA), 4+ (EU)
  • Pricing: From $7.99/month ($1 trial for 7 days)
  • Features: Inventory Monitoring, Auto Ordering, Bulk Listing

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7. Syncee

Syncee is a revolutionary dropshipping marketplace and automation solution that features more than 300 integrated suppliers in the US, UK, EU, Canada and beyond.

From electronics to fashion accessories, kids toys, homeware, furniture and pet supplies, Syncee has millions of high-quality products to choose from. Simply connect your online store and import selected products directly from the Syncee marketplace in one-click. 

Syncee also features bulk product management, dynamic pricing strategies, daily inventory updating and automated product ordering. The free plan allows you to quickly import up to 25 dropshipping products to your online store, without paying a single cent.

  • Compatibility: Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce +5 more
  • Suppliers: 260 (USA), 45 (UK), 20 (CA), 20 (EU), 6 (China)
  • Pricing: From $29/month (Free plan for 25 listings)
  • Features: 1-Click Importing, Daily Stock Update, Auto Ordering

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8. PriceYak

With more than 13 years of experience and thousands of global users, PriceYak is one of the most well-established dropshipping management tools on the market.

PriceYak was specifically designed for retail arbitrage dropshipping, allowing you to bulk list unlimited products from top sources including Amazon, Walmart, Costco and AliExpress to multiple selling channels including eBay, Amazon, Shopify or WooCommerce.

When compared to other similar dropshipping solutions, PriceYak is superior when it comes to speed, reliability and accuracy. PriceYak is also one of the only platforms to offer unlimited free listings, with users only paying a small fee (per listing) for repricing and auto ordering.

  • Compatibility: eBay (US/UK), Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce
  • Suppliers: Amazon, Walmart, Costco, AliExpress
  • Pricing: Free ($0.10 per listing for repricing)
  • Features: Bulk Listing, Auto Repricing, Auto Ordering

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9. Spocket

Spocket is a well-established dropshipping marketplace, sourcing platform and automation solution designed specifically for importing and selling products through an online store.

Compatible with more than 10 online store builders including Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce, Spocket allows you to quickly import winning products from leading UK, US and EU-based supplier with fast local shipping.

Spocket also features automated inventory updates and repricing, as well as branded invoices, one-click order processing and an intuitive user-dashboard for manging orders, returns and listings from multiple dropshipping suppliers, all from one central location.

  • Compatibility: Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce +8 more
  • Suppliers: 700 (USA), 50 (UK), 50 (CA) +10 more (EU)
  • Pricing: From $24/month (14-day free trial)
  • Features: 1-Click Listing, Auto Repricing, Branded Invoices

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10. AliDropship

AliDropship is the most popular plugin for dropshipping AliExpress products through a WooCommerce and WordPress powered website.

The AliDropship plugin allows you to instantly import unlimited products from the AliExpress marketplace and fully automate inventory management. Additional features include one-click order processing, advanced markup formulas and free built-in themes.

The one-time fee for the AliDropship plugin further includes access to a handpicked database of more than 50,000 winning dropshipping products, as well as 50 free imports. Therefore, you can quickly populate your new store with top-selling items almost immediately.

  • Compatibility: WordPress, WooCommerce, AliExpress
  • Suppliers: AliExpress marketplace (US/UK/EU warehouses)
  • Pricing: $89 one-time with free access to winning products
  • Features: Auto Repricing, 1-Click Ordering, Unlimited Listings

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11. Oberlo

With millions of global users, Oberlo is the most well-established dropshipping management tool for selling AliExpress products through a Shopify powered store.

In fact, Oberlo became such a popular tool for dropshipping, it was purchased by Shopify in 2017 for more than $10 million. Since then, Oberlo has remained one of the most cost-effective and reliable solutions for dropshipping AliExpress products through Shopify.

The free plan allows you to import 500 AliExpress products with unlimited monthly orders, automated repricing and access to the powerful Chrome browser extension. The premium plan costs only $29.90/month for up to 30,000 monitored and repriced listings.

  • Compatibility: Shopify, AliExpress
  • Suppliers: AliExpress marketplace (US/UK/EU warehouses)
  • Pricing: FREE (Premium plan only $29.90/month)
  • Features: Unlimited Orders, Auto Repricing, Chrome Extension

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More Dropshipping Management Tools

  • Avasam – The most popular dropshipping marketplace for sourcing low-cost products from leading UK-based suppliers with ultra-fast shipping.
  • Yakkyofy – The ultimate free dropshipping platform for sourcing high-quality goods from China-based suppliers with prices lower than AliExpress.
  • Ali2Woo – Trusted by 200,000 users, Ali2Woo is the ultimate dropshipping management plugin for selling AliExpress products through WordPress.
  • Easync – All-in-one dropshipping software for finding best-selling items from top suppliers and selling them on eBay, Amazon or Shopify.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following frequently asked questions cover everything related to using dropshipping management tools to run your online business. If you have any additional questions regarding the individual platforms listed in this guide, please contact the provider directly.

Why use a dropshipping management tool?

Dropshipping management tools allows you to build a streamlined and sustainable dropshipping business by automating or simplifying the day-to-day operations including finding suppliers, listing new products, monitoring inventory, repricing listings and processing orders.

Most dropshipping management tools also allow you to manage customers, orders and listings (across multiple selling channels) from a single dashboard, as well as automate tracking info uploads and sending order notifications to customers.

How do dropshipping management tools work?

Most dropshipping management tools work by integrating directly with your online store or marketplace. Once connected, you can instantly import dropshipping products from multiple suppliers, typically using a URL scraper, Chrome extension or web application. 

It’s important to note that the exact workings of each dropshipping management tool will vary depending on the compatible suppliers and selling platforms. However, most of them provide an all-in-one solution for creating listings, managing stock and processing orders.

What is the best dropshipping management tool for UK sellers?

Hustle Got Real and SkuGrid are the best dropshipping management tools for UK sellers as they each have a large network of (compatible) UK-based suppliers. In fact, Hustle Got Real has more than 80 UK-based dropshipping suppliers, whereas SkuGrid has around 190.

However, many additional dropshipping management tools such as DSM Tool and AutoDS have a growing selection of UK-based dropshippers. Therefore, you can be sure to find products with fast UK shipping in almost every main category or niche.

What is the best dropshipping management tool for US sellers?

Wholesale2b, SkuGrid and Inventory Source are the best dropshipping management tools for US sellers as they each have an extension selection of (compatible) USA-based suppliers. Therefore, you can quickly find products with fast local shipping using reliable couriers.

Additional solutions such as DSM Tool, AutoDS and Syncee are also compatible with a growing number of US-based dropshipping suppliers. You can visit each providers website for a full list of compatible suppliers and selling channels.

What is the best free dropshipping management tool?

The best free dropshipping management tool will largely depend on your own personal preferences and business model. For example, DSM Tool is a great dropshipping management tool with a free plan for those who are looking to start dropshipping on eBay or Shopify.

Alternatively, Oberlo is another powerful free dropshipping management tool for selling AliExpress products through a Shopify store. The free plan allows you to import up to 500 products with unlimited monthly orders and inventory automation.

Keep in mind, many of the other dropshipping management tools listed in this guide provide some form of free trial. For example, Hustle Got Real has a free plan for 10 listings, whereas Wholesale2b provides free access to the directory of suppliers and products.

What is the best dropshipping management tool for eBay?

Wholesale2b, Hustle Got Real, SkuGrid and Inventory Source are the best dropshipping management tools for selling on eBay. However, you have many additional options when it comes to building profitable eBay dropshipping business using software.

For example, SaleFreaks is a specialist eBay dropshipping software that features a non-API version for listing products and automating repricing. DSM Tool and AutoDS are also fully compatible with eBay and include auto repricing and order processing.

The best option for dropshipping on eBay will largely depend on your budget and business model, as well as your own personal preferences. You will also want a management tool that is compatible with local suppliers based in your selling country.

Can I use a dropshipping management tool for selling on Amazon?

Absolutely. In fact, using a management tool for dropshipping on Amazon is highly recommended as Amazon is particularly strict when it comes to ensuring products are in stock and dispatched quickly. Selling products that are out of stock on Amazon could result in an account defect.

Hustle Got Real, Wholesale2b, SkuGrid and Inventory Source are the best dropshipping management tools for selling on Amazon. However, there are multiple other options for dropshipping on Amazon including PriceYak and Easync.

What can I automate using a dropshipping management tool?

From monitoring and repricing listings to processing orders, uploading tracking information and sending notification emails to buyers, most dropshipping management tools allow you to complete automate the day-to-day operations of your business.

Furthermore, tools such as Wholesale2b, Hustle Got Real and Inventory Source allow you to sell on multiple ecommerce channels and source from multiple suppliers. You can also manage orders, customer emails and returns using a single user-dashboard. 

Is it safe to use a dropshipping management tool?

Absolutely. Whether you’re selling on eBay or through your own online store, using a dropshipping management tool is perfectly safe. However, it’s important to choose a reliable tool that has positive reviews from existing customers, as well as a proven track record.

The tools listed in this guide are some of the most well-established and trusted dropshipping solutions on the market. Therefore, you can be sure that the software functions as expected to prevent over-selling and effectively monitor listings for price changes. 

How do I find more dropshipping management tools?

To find more dropshipping management tools, be sure to read our comprehensive guide on the best dropshipping software solutions. Alternatively, you can try searching on Google or browsing a Q&A website such as Quora for expert recommendations.

YouTube and dropshipping forums are also a great place to find up-to-date video tutorials and recommendations on the best dropshipping management platforms. In fact, YouTube is packed full of comprehensive, step-by-step training videos from dropshipping experts.

Final Word

When it comes to building a dropshipping business, using a management tool is essential. From sourcing products to creating listings, monitoring inventory and repricing, most management tools allow you to completely streamline and automate your entire dropshipping business.

The dropshipping management tools listed in this guide were handpicked as the best on the market based on a variety of factors including pricing, features, usability and experience.

Whether you want to dropship on eBay, Amazon or your own online, hopefully at least one of the management tools listed in this guide are suitable for your needs and goals.

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