Established as a small sales venture over 30 years ago, Bargain Wholesale has grown into one of the largest global wholesalers in the USA, specialising in supplying low cost merchandise to dollar stores, supermarkets, convenience shops, major retailers and wholesalers across Los Angeles and beyond for over 3 decades. Bargain Wholesale’s massive buying power and well-established presence in the wholesale market allows them to supply over 4,000 items for under a dollar including food, household supplies, home decor, cleaning products, beauty products, kitchenware, pet supplies, hardware, stationery, electronics, toys, party supplies and much more.

  • Business Type: Wholesaler
  • Address: Bargain Wholesale, 4000 Union Pacific Ave, Commerce, CA 90023, United States
  • Phone: 323-980-8170
  • Min Order: Small quantity cases
  • Membership Fee: None

Main Products: Dollar items, household suppliers, cleaning supplies, kitchenware, home decor, food, groceries, candy, stationery, party supplies, toys, electronics, hardware

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