Avena Herbal Products

Wholesaler, Manufacturer, Dropshipper – Skipton, United Kingdom (UK)
Avena Herbal Products is a leading UK based manufacturer, wholesaler and dropshipper of giftware including health, beauty and aromatherapy products. Founded many years ago as a family business, Avena Herbal Products has grown to become a trusted source of natural remedies, expanding its product line to include a massive range of skin care, beauty, sensual and gift products such as essential oils, fragrance oils, ornaments, figurines, ointments, creams, gels, lotions and more. Avena Herbal Products provide a free blind dropship service with exclusive wholesale pricing, and supply to eBay sellers, Amazon sellers and online store owners.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Dropshipper
Address: Avena House, 8 Victoria Square, Skipton, BD23 1JF
Phone: 01756 797140
Min Order: None
Membership Fee: None

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Giftware & Party (Gifts for Him) (Gifts for Her) (Essential Oils & Home Fragrances), Home & Garden (Home Decor & Accessories – Figurines & Sculptures)
Giftware, seasonal gifts, candles, fragrance oils, incense products, beauty products, oils, creams, lotions, ointments, natural treatments, organic treatments, aromatherapy products, essential oils, oil burners, wax melts, wedding favours, ornaments, figurines, natural remedies