AutoDS is an all-in-one eBay and Shopify dropshipping software, featuring a Chrome lister extension, 60 minute stock/price monitoring and an automated ordering service, as well as a profit monitor and innovative (best-selling) product finder tool. Offering a $1 (7-day) trial and low-cost monthly packages, AutoDS is the perfect low-cost solution for newbie dropshippers as well as established dropshippers.

Compatibility: eBay (UK/US/DE/FR/IT), Shopify
Suppliers: 10 (US), 5 (UK), 4 (FR) +2more
Price: From $7.99 / month ($1 – 7-Day Trial)

Key Features:
  60 minute inventory monitoring with real-time stock/price updating
  Regular, bulk or manual product lister with full data uploading
  Instant and automated product ordering with tracking info uploads
  Innovative best-selling products finder with super-fast bulk uploading
  Automatic price optimisation, profitability monitor and customer service system

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Pricing Overview

100 Products – $7.99 / month
400 Products – $16.79 / month
600 Products – $23.99 / month
1000 Products – $38.99 / month
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