Appletons Cash and Carry

Wholesaler – London, United Kingdom (UK)
Established in 1945, Appletons is one of the largest and most reputable family-owned confectionery wholesalers in the UK, supplying independent retailers with quality sweets for over half a century. Appletons’ vast range of over 3000 branded and own branded products includes jelly sweets, boiled sweets, lollipops, liquorice, bon bons, marshmallows, gobstoppers, sherbet, toffee, fudge, chocolate bars, American candy and more. With a 25,000 sqft warehouse located in London, Appletons is a major player in the industry, trusted and relied on by thousands of businesses across the country.
Business Type: Wholesaler
Address: Appleton & Sons Limited, 17 Towcester Road, Bow, London, E3 3ND
Phone: 0207 515 7101
Min Order: £250
Membership Fee: None

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Sweets & Confectionery, Food & Drinks
Sweets & Confectionery – Boiled sweets, gummy sweets, lollipops, sour sweets, pick n mix, chocolate sweets, fizzy sweets, liquorice, gobstoppers, marshmallows, sherbet sweets, foam sweets, toffee sweets, chocolate bars, sugar free sweets, sweet jars, american candy, gluten free sweets, vegan sweets, halal sweets
Food & Drinks -Fizzy soda drinks, biscuits, cakes, popcorn