AMZScout is one of the most advanced Amazon product research tools on the market, specifically designed for finding winning products on Amazon through one-click analysis of historical sales data, best-selling rank, competition performance and estimated profit margins. AMZScout membership comes with full access to a suite of over 8 innovative tools for finding best-selling Amazon products and tending niches including a Chrome extension, keyword research tool, product database, sales estimator and fee calculator.

Compatibility: Amazon (US/UK/CA/DE/ES) +4 more
Type: Web App + Chrome Extension
Price: From $14.90 per month (7-day trial)

Key Features:
  All-in-one platform for finding hot-selling Amazon products and profitable niches
  One-click analysis of competition, sales history, estimated fees and profit margins
  Generate product ideas and track performance, sales rank and reviews
  Research and discover keywords with high demand and low-competition
  Includes sales estimator, FBA fee calculator and reverse ASIN lookup

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Pricing Overview

Pro Extension – $14.90 / month
Seller Bundle – $24.90 / month
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