AliDropship Plugin Review: Features, Benefits & Pricing

AliDropship is one of the most popular and reliable WordPress plugins for dropshipping AliExpress products through a WooCommerce powered store. Boasting a suite of premium features including bulk importing, auto-ordering and auto repricing, as well as cashback rewards and review importing, AliDropship is an essential tool for anyone looking to build a profitable dropshipping business using WooCommerce.

Compatibility: WooCommerce & WordPress

Suppliers: 1 (China) – AliExpress (US/UK Warehouses)

Price: $89 (one-time) – Full Pricing

  Unlimited low-cost AliExpress products to choose from

  Complete automation solution designed specifically for WooCommerce

  One-click product importing and super-fast bulk importing

  Fully automated product repricing, updating and ordering

  One-time payment with no ongoing fees

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What is AliDropship?

Created in 2015 by a team of expert web developers and successful dropshippers, AliDropship has grown to become the most popular WordPress plugin for dropshipping AliExpress products through a WooCommerce powered store. Described as an all-in-one solution for sourcing, importing, listing and repricing dropship products, AliDropship has firmly established itself as a leader in the dropship automation industry, trusted tens of thousands of users from across the globe.

Features & Benefits

From one-click product importing to seamless repricing, ordering and tracking automation, the AliDropship plugin is bursting with incredible features, including access to an exclusive database of over 50k hot selling AliExpress products in a variety of different categories. Designed by dropshippers for dropshippers, the AliDropship plugin does not disappoint when it comes to unique, innovative and industry leading features.

  Unlimited Selection of Products

  One-Click Product Importing

  Daily Repricing & Updating

  Automated Order Fulfilment

  Advanced Repricing Formulas

  Best Selling Database

  Built-in Themes

  Import Product Reviews

  Live Traffic Statistics

  Cash-Back Rewards

Pros & Cons

The AliDropship plugin has a virtually endless list of features and benefits. However, it also has a small but very real collection of disadvantages. To help you decide whether or not it’s the right solution for you, here’s a detailed comparison of the pros & cons.

  Cost-efficient, reliable and well-established

  Millions of low-cost products to choose from

  Seamless product importing and listing

  Advanced pricing rules with flexible settings

  Regularly updated with new features

  One-time cost with no ongoing fees

  Compatible with only 1 supplier

  Limited to selling on WooCommerce

  Shipping times can be slow

  Reliant on AliExpress marketplace

Compatible Suppliers

The AliDropship plugin was designed exclusively for use with AliExpress, a highly popular China based marketplace with thousands of third party sellers and millions of low-cost products. While most of the sellers on AliExpress are based in China, a growing collection have US/UK or EU based warehouses, allowing for fast and cost-effective shipping to all corners of the globe.

LocationSupplier Count
China (Global Warehouses)1 (AliExpress)

Compatible Selling Platforms

Currently, the AliDropship plugin works with WooCommerce and WordPress only. Powering over 75 million websites, WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the net, while WooCommerce is the single most installed ecommerce plugin for turning a WordPress powered blog into a fully functioning online store.

Usage & Settings

Designed to seamlessly blend in with the WordPress admin dashboard, the AliDropship plugin is simplistic, easy to navigate and very user-friendly, even for those who have limited tech skills. The settings panel provides quick access to the most important areas for configuring the plugin to suit your specific needs or requirements. From enabling auto updates to creating pricing rules and processing orders, the all-in-one dashboard is modern, well-structured and constantly improving.

  • All-in-one user dashboard for managing products, sales, prices, traffic, settings and orders
  • Import products directly to your store from AliExpress using innovative Chrome Lister extension
  • Simple but flexible tiered pricing formulas with rounding options to ensure a profit on every sale
  • Automated order processing including marking order as shipped and uploading tracking info
  • Enable automatic updates for price and stock changes and or receive email notifications

Pricing & Billing

The AliDropship plugin costs only $89 (one-time) and includes a lifetime of free updates, feature enhancements and customer support, as well as access to the 50k handpicked top selling AliExpress products database.

Important Note: We regularly monitor reviews to maintain up-to-date prices. However, prices are subject to change at any given time at the providers discretion. Please visit the AliDropship website for current prices.

Unlimited$89 one-time

Pricing Overview: Unlike other dropshipping software solutions which often charge ongoing monthly fees, the AliDropship plugin is a one-time cost which includes a lifetime of free updates, support and feature enhancements. Therefore, you won’t need to factor recurring fees into you profit margins and can focus on growing your product range and generating sales.

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Final Conclusion

The AliDropship plugin is one of the most reliable, popular and well-maintained WordPress plugins for building a dropshipping store using WooCommerce. Boasting an extensive range of essential and innovative features, all wrapped up in a modern and simplistic user-dashboard, the AliDropship plugin is perfect for both veteran online sellers and newbie dropshippers. From one-click product importing to automatic order fulfilment, stock updating and flexible repricing, as well as lifetime updates and feature improvements, the AliDropship plugin is worth every single penny of the low-cost, one-time fee.

Getting Started

To get started, simply visit the AliDropship website and purchase the plugin. Once purchased, download the plugin to your PC and then upload it to your WordPress/WooCommerce powered store by navigating to Plugins > Add New. Once installed, be sure to review the AliDropship plugin documentation to learn how to use the plugin efficiently and properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  What suppliers is AliDropship compatible with?

The AliDropship plugin was designed exclusively for sourcing dropship products from AliExpress, a highly popular China based marketplace with thousands of independent sellers, many of which have UK/US and EU based warehouses.

  What selling platforms is AliDropship compatible with?

The AliDropship plugin is compatible with WooCommerce, the most popular ecommerce plugin for selling products through a WordPress powered store. In fact, the plugin was exclusively designed and expertly optimised for WordPress.

  Can I create new listings with AliDropship?

Absolutely, the AliDropship plugin comes with an innovative Chrome Lister extension which allows you to import AliExpress products to your WooCommerce store in just a few clicks.

  Does AliDropship monitor prices and stock?

Yes, the AliDropship plugin monitors both stock and prices, updating them accordingly when changes are detected on AliExpress. Therefore, you never need to worry about overselling or generating a loss due to price changes.

  How often does AliDropship update listings?

You can set the AliDropship plugin to update prices and stock every day, week or month depending on your own preferences. However, it’s recommended to allow the plugin to update prices and stock at least once per week.